Wire bending

Graphic representation of the introduction of hairpins into a stator.

Wire bending, the key to the efficient manufacture of electric motors

Ready for the future of electromobility: Cover every step in hairpin technology with the comprehensive automation and digitalization portfolio from Siemens – and find the right solution for the entire electric motor production process.


Precise bending of hairpins

Precision and speed of production are the central aspects for bending hairpins – as they are crucial for all downstream processes. With the automation portfolio from Siemens, you implement all the process steps of manufacturing an electric motor with hairpin technology into your machine concepts – and benefit from efficiency and flexibility along the entire production process.

Hairpin technology paves the way for the cost-effective and highly efficient production of electric motors in large volumes

The number of vehicles is increasing at an enormous rate. In light of this, resource-conserving electric motor concepts are becoming increasingly important. The challenge is not only produce electric motors quickly and in large quantities, but also in high quality in order to enable efficient drive concepts for e-mobility. One procedure that offers enormous potential in this regard is hairpin technology. However, for the hairpins to guarantee efficient and reliable transmission of power, they have to be manufactured and inserted into the stator precisely and with very high quality. We support you in this with scalable products, engineering and standard applications. This includes a product register to track the hairpins and motor components – including their properties – along the product line and assign them to the various motors. To ensure that at the end every motor is manufactured perfectly and with extreme precision.

Overview of hairpin procedures

The solution in detail

The scalable automation portfolio from Siemens allows a modular structure of the machines. Established standard applications support efficient engineering.

Controller-based solution for hairpin bending machines

Image of a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller from Siemens on a DIN rail. The user interface of the TIA Portal serves as the background.
Fail-safe technology CPUs SIMATIC S7-1500TF

Fail-safe SIMATIC S7-1500 technology CPUs with extended scope of motion control functionalities.

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Image of a distributed I/O SIMATIC ET 200SP, integrated into a computer screen. Digital graphic elements connect the peripherals with a motor.
SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed I/O

Innovative SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed I/O features maximum usability, a particularly compact design, and impressive performance.

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Image of a Siemens SINAMICS S frequency converter. The user interface of the TIA Portal serves as the background.
SINAMICS S high-performance converters

High-performance frequency converters for all positioning tasks and motion control applications in wire processing.

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Image of three Siemens SIMOTICS motors in different sizes, which are arranged next to each other according to size.
SIMOTICS S servomotors

Servomotors for highly dynamic and precise motion paths for wire bending.

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Image of a SIMATIC HMI, superimposed by digital graphical elements for safety and motion control.
SIMATIC HMI Human Machine Interfaces

Human Machine Interface products for special requirements for operator control and monitoring of wire bending machines.

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Image of the SIRIUS position and safety switches from Siemens, lined up next to each other.
SIRIUS 3S mechanical and contactless position and safety switches

Position and safety switches for the precise detection of motion sequences in machines and plants.

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Image of the SIMATIC Micro-Drive servo drive system. The individual components float in space and are distributed on the digital user interface of the TIA Portal.
SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE servo drive system

Servo drive system in the safety extra-low voltage range.

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Efficient implementation of the hairpin procedure

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