Multi-Carrier-System Keyvisual

Multi-Carrier-System (MCS®): Greater flexibility in the production process

MCS® breaks up the rigid concatenation of conventional transport sections and facilitates modular, flexible, and dynamic production processes – for shorter cycle times, higher throughput, and series production in batch size 1 and higher.

An unbeatable combination

The Multi-Carrier-System from Festo and Siemens can be combined with all standard transfer systems to create cost-efficient solutions for dynamic, highly customizable production that can respond to every change in the market. Carriers powered by linear motors move freely and precisely through the process steps and to the individual stations, from which they are seamlessly transferred inward and outward. With MCS®, processing steps can be quickly and flexibly adapted to accommodate diverse loads and formats, as well as seasonal product versions.

All the benefits at a glance

  • Workpiece carriers move freely and flexibly to and within stations in the production process
  • Production processes and machines can be quickly and flexibly adapted to different processing steps and product versions
  • Formats are converted at the push of a button, eliminating long retooling times
  • Faster production with MCS®
  • Linear motors ensure the highly dynamic and precise transportation of products on the workpiece carriers
  • Sample applications for MCS® include short-cycle transfers, race tracks, and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Suitable for solid, liquid, small, large, light, and heavy loads
  • Whether weighing 50 grams or 50 kilograms, even heavier payloads can be transported
  • Customized workpiece carriers enable application-specific product fixtures
  • Tailored solutions with the modular MCS®
  • Consists of Siemens SIMATIC and SINAMICS motion control products and a variety of motor versions, guides, carriers, and measuring sensors for maximum precision
  • MCS® enables modular machine concepts both as an open travel section, as well as a closed, recirculating conveyor system
  • Innovative software provides solutions suitable for even the most complex environments, from simple and standard to high-end applications
  • Depending on the requirements, both ready-to-apply solutions and open software solutions with precise simulation are available
  • Hardware scalability, thanks to the SIMATIC and SINAMICS motion control systems from Siemens
  • Hybrid solutions: MCS® can be combined with conventional transfer systems like TLM 1500 and TLM 2000 from elcom, the TS-2plus system from Bosch Rexroth AG, chain conveyors like the XH plastic chain conveyor, and the X85P pallet conveyor from FlexLink
  • Take advantage of system benefits right where you need them: Use MCS® where it is relevant to the process and combine it with the deflectors, curves, lifts, sliders, and more in transport systems
  • Seamless integration of MCS® into the material flow; also possible in conjunction with the customer’s own transport systems
  • Simple, standardized interfaces for connection to the existing automation system
  • One automation platform for everything and one controller the entire machine: for example, for the modular MCS® and the higher-level handling application
  • Digital twin and virtual commissioning ensure fast integration of MCS® in the machine or plant with the help of SIMIT, NX MCD, S7-PLCSIM Advanced, and the NX MCD/SIMIT Toolkit for MCS®
  • TIA Portal is used as the central unit for commissioning and diagnostics
  • Well-known, standard products from Siemens, with worldwide availability and expert service
  • Global network of experts who actively support you during design, engineering, and commissioning
  • Local Siemens agencies in over 140 countries around the world
MCS® at a glance

Maximum freedom with end-to-end motion control

The scalable motion control systems from Siemens transform the Multi-Carrier-System into a fully integrated and need-based transport solution. On the controller level, a variety of SIMATIC hardware and software solutions with Step7 Professional are freely selectable in TIA Portal.
The perfect combination: The Multi-Carrier-System with powerful motion control products from Siemens

Our experience – your competitive advantage

Irrespective whether applied for simple and standard applications, or for high-end applications, our practical software tools shorten your time to market. We provide you with helpful modules for a customized solution – from the design and engineering phases to virtual commissioning.

The fast track to an optimal, customized solution

Simulate your MCS® section online and the cycle times will be displayed. Plan the MCS® section graphically with just a few clicks in your web browser. For realistic system simulations, you can adjust the settings of each carrier, station, and process in the application. As a kind of “virtual commissioning light”, the browser simulation also supports you when testing the functionality of the PLC program.



  • Easy handling
  • No hardware required
  • MCS® section is configured in the web browser
  • Standard and expert modes
  • Convenient parameterization options
  • Live view of the MCS® section in the web browser

Nothing could be easier: Plan your MCS® section graphically in just a few steps in the web browser. Then Modular Application Creator, which includes the Equipment Module MCS®, then automatically generates the executable project. In the Modular Application Creator, MCS® can be easily added to an existing TIA Portal project or a template project with an appropriate controller as foundation. Subsequent parameterization of the system takes place entirely in TIA Portal – no additional drive engineering tools are required. The Modular Application Creator, which contains the Equipment Module MCS®, generates ready-to-install software solutions for fast commissioning.



  • Selection of motor variants in line with process requirements
  • Parameterization of the carriers based on the geometry and dynamic response
  • Executable project with sample programs and graphical simulation
  • In addition to the default basic settings, advanced settings are available for custom configuration of the MCS® section
  • Flexible section configuration
  • Basic Safety Integrated functions STO/SS1E are easily selectable
  • Simple multi-rail functionality
  • Enhanced diagnostics (alarm handling)

Perfect for your applications: The LRailCtrl library contains all the relevant functions for controlling your MCS®.

  • Free library download in SIOS, including documentation
  • All motion control functions can be used, from positioning and synchronization to integration in a kinematic system
  • Standardized PLCopen V2.0 interface for motion control functions
  • Visualization of each carrier as a separate technology object in TIA Portal
  • Monitoring functions for lag distance and for avoiding collisions
  • Ability to control additional machine modules using an open software structure
  • Freely expandable, thanks to standard system components and features


The station concept enables fast MCS® commissioning based on processing stations. Once the user has defined the processing stations, the station manager automatically controls and coordinates carrier movements on the MCS® rail. The station concept is ideal for quickly creating simple sequences and assembly applications.



  • Support for modular machine concepts
  • TIA Portal library with ready-made function blocks
  • Easy programming via drag & drop
  • Fast commissioning and diagnosis with parameterization in TIA Portal
  • The standard for a larger overview

Create your digital twin in next to no time with the NX MCD/SIMIT Toolkit for MCS®:

  • Virtually commission the MCS® section quickly and easily with SIMIT, NX MCD (Mechatronics Concept Designer), S7-PLCSIM Advanced, and the NX MCD/SIMIT Toolkit for MCS®
  • Effortlessly integrate MCS® into your system: With the digital twin, you can preview the improvements compared to conventional conveyor technology
  • Review the functionality of the PLC program with the digital twin: Changes are immediately visible in NX MCD
  • Plug & work: After your program has been put through its paces on the digital twin, transfer it to your system
  • Additional requirements or new product versions and formats are no problem: First test them on the digital twin!
  • A demo digital twin can be downloaded for testing purposes


  • Continuous user guidance up to generating an executable MCS® project
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Engineering with just a few clicks
  • TIA Portal as the central unit for parameterization and diagnostics
  • Time-saving and convenient software solutions by Siemens

MCS®: A system for a variety of industries

Conventional transport systems are subject to rigid sequences. The Multi-Carrier-System delivers maximum flexibility and productivity in a variety of industries, optimizes production processes, and enables new machine concepts.


The Multi-Carrier-System in practice

Proven many times over, the Multi-Carrier-System ensures highly efficient production in a wide range of application areas.

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