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Your specialist for packaging machines - faster time-to-market with scalable, modular solutions

The increasing variety of individualized and personalized packaging requires plants to offer maximum flexibility, dynamic response, and reliability in the material and manufacturing flow. From series production down to a batch size of 1: Modular solutions from the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio combined with easy-to-integrate standard applications from Siemens for the packaging industry reduce the time to market and boost plant availability – with efficient engineering and less complexity. 

digitalized  pharmaceutical manufacturing show you the concept of digital twins

How to increase flexibility and reduce time to market?

The case for truly digitalized  pharmaceutical manufacturing show you the concept of digital twins; how to verifying plant layout, identifying bottlenecks, optimizing plant productivity as well as Improving process transparency.
Start your digital transformation. Dream it. Make it.

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Solutions for machine builders in the packaging industry

The demand for filling and packaging lines is growing worldwide, particularly in emerging and developing countries. The trend toward individualized packaging requires dynamic, flexible plants with high throughput rates. As a specialist for the packaging industry, Siemens offers future-oriented modular solutions as well as complex motion control – even for series production in batch sizes of 1, thanks to the Digital Enterprise portfolio.

Although the requirements for packaging manufacturers are undergoing a rapid transformation, our experts for the packaging industry are thoroughly familiar with the needs of machine builders. As a technology leader, we offer customized scalable solutions for all application areas, along with extensive local and global packaging expertise.

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SIMATIC in Packaging machines
SIMATIC in Packaging machines | Italy

Smarter packaging with SIMATIC

  • Perfectly integrated automation and drive solution
  • Efficient engineering in the TIA Portal
  • "Intelligent Infeed" ensures an optimized feed to the winder

Highlights and hot topics

#PackTalks Series
On-demand | English and german

#PackTalks Series - Webinars about efficient Machine Building for Packaging

The packaging industry continuously faces new challenges. There are new trends in machine building, new requirements from producers and machine buyers but also regulatory changes. Therefore, it becomes increasingly crucial to develop future-proof machine concepts, business models and services in a digitalized and networked industry - both for machine builders and for plant operators.


With the slogan „Digital Enterprise – The next step for packaging“ we show you how Siemens can be part of your success in the age of digital change.

Standardized solutions

Standardization, yet maximum freedom

State-of-the-art packaging machines and lines are extremely versatile and must provide high throughput rates with the greatest possible degree of flexibility. Investment security and reducing the total cost of ownership are also crucial issues. End customers expect machines from different vendors to have the same usability and diagnostics. In addition, standardized access to the machine data from higher-level systems has to be guaranteed to be able to analyze product flow, record machine operating hours or calculate performance data. The key to achieving these objectives is applying international standards.

Support of international standards

We are an active member of the major global organizations for standardization in the production machinery industry, such as OMAC and Weihenstephan. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions to enable international implementation of packaging standards.

Standardization in the packaging industry

  • Drives common user specifications
  • Promotes modular designs
  • Reduces development time
  • Improves code reusability
  • Improves machine supportability
  • Protects intellectual property
  • Reduces errors during project planning, programming...
  • Reduces customization
  • Reduces integration time
  • Improves supportability
  • Focus on value-added tasks
  • Improves speed to market
  • Improves horizontal and vertical integration
  • Reduces integration costs, time and variability
  • Reduces system life cycle costs and mean time to repair
  • Facilitates market requirements
  • Drives innovation
  • Improves product and application supportability and serviceability

Convenient engineering with the SIEMENS Packaging Toolbox

Why reinvent the wheel every time? With the Packaging Toolbox, we offer numerous basic functionalities, fully tested standard modules as well as packaging-specific technology libraries that can be integrated in your existing or new motion control applications along with your own blocks, all with minimal effort.


This increases the availability and flexibility of your production and significantly reduces your engineering and commissioning times.


Digitalization solutions: your benefits

Machine builders nowadays act as solutions providers. They sell productivity and plant availability. For them, the TIA Portal brings together the virtual and the real production world – with modular hardware and software and efficient engineering for maximum cost savings. 
Customized solutions

The right solution for every requirement

With powerful, efficient, and customized solutions for Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), Siemens is a reliable partner to the packaging industry. From small semi-automatic machines to a high-precision fully automatic application with maximum throughput, the TIA Portal can be used to put together the right system for every application – even for series production in batch sizes of 1: The Siemens Multi-Carrier-System transport solution stands for maximum flexibility because the rigid concatenation of transport paths is eliminated in favor of new freedom and maximum dynamic response. 


The advanced SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers with Technology CPUs offer an extended range of motion control functionalities. This makes it possible to implement standard, safety, and more comprehensive motion control applications in a controller in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal). Together with the new and easy-to-use SINAMICS S210 drive system, all applications can be covered in the medium power range.

The expanded motion control functionalities include gearing and camming. The integrated Cam Editor offers support with the graphical and tabular configuration and the optimization of cams. It is even possible to adjust and calculate the cams in the user program during operation (e.g. during product changes). 

Product highlights


In Version 4.5, the software for the high-end SIMOTION motion control system is equipped with object-oriented programming (OOP) as well as communications via open platform communications unified architecture (OPC UA). As a machine builder, these tools will enable you to implement larger software projects much more efficiently than before and you now have standardized access to SIMOTION data across all automation levels, including the cloud. 

The modular SINAMICS S120 drive offers a wide range of perfectly coordinated components and functions, including powerful single drives and coordinated drives (multiple-axis applications) with vector and servo functionality, and enables  the implementation of customized solutions.

Product highlights

SIMATIC controller with V90

Siemens solutions for standard packaging tasks have impressive features, including less complexity and lower lifecycle costs because they are based on standardized and perfectly coordinated components.

The modular design and ready-made easily adaptable software libraries ensure maximum flexibility and short changeover times. The open automation structures are based on cost-effective drive integration via motion control functions and PROFIdrive.

Product highlights

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Digital transformation

Digitalization in machine building and plant engineering

Companies in discrete and process industries increasingly implement digitalization in order to gain competitive advantages. This affects the requirements that machine builders and plant engineers have to meet. We’ll show how you can integrate digitalization into you production to work faster, more flexible and more customized.


Our solutions in practice

Flexibility that pays off everywhere: With the help of consistent modular and standardized components from Totally Integrated Automation, packaging solutions can be implemented for all industries.

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