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The fast and cost-effective way to the ideal plastics machine through modular system solutions for all applications

Machine building is faced with extremely exacting requirements: optimal product quality with maximum availability and flexibility plus shorter development times and a faster time-to-market. We have the answer to such requirements with our Digital Enterprise solution portfolio. Whether injection molding, extrusion, blow molding or thermoforming – our modular software library and integrated standard components for automation and drives give you a fast and cost-effective way of realizing the optimal plastics machine. We can also provide the ideal solution – perfectly tailored to your needs – for rubber/tires or handling.

Modular software library

A variety of applications – one library

Our modular software library is the basis for the latest generation of machines. Whether temperature control, motion control, wall thickness control, drive packages or parameterizable sequence control – our standardized software blocks provide the right solution for every requirement. The software library is based on a uniform hardware basis with SIMATIC S7-1500; all modules also include a ready-to-use HMI.
More efficiency in machine building for the plastics industry

Standard applications: the fast and cost-effective way to realize finished machines

Freely combinable, pre-tested blocks from the plastics library and a consistent hardware basis with SIMATIC S7-1500, SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controller and SINAMICS drives and SIMOTICS motors establish the foundation for any plastics machine solutions.

Tailored solutions for injection molding machines

Whether hydraulic, hybrid, or fully electric – whatever type of injection molding machine you use, we provide the right automation technology for your requirements. Our SIMATIC-based application solution covers all major features of your electric injection molding machine.

Benefits at a glance

  • High degree of flexibility thanks to scalable products and systems based on standard components
  • Straightforward and convenient operation of the complete machine
  • Scaled performance of operating components optimized to suit requirements

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Higher efficiency for blow molding machines

Whether your blow molding machine is to be driven hydraulically or electrically, we have the right automation solution for single-stage or multi-stage PET processing. Are you looking for a solution that will enable you to implement blow molding concepts quickly and cost-effectively? Our SIMATIC S7-based BMM 1500 blow molding package provides the perfect basis – using proven hardware, pre-configured software and a flexible visualization concept with prepared images.

Benefits at a glance

  • Modular, integrated technology modules enable easy scalability and adaptability   
  • Proven, open solutions are provided using the standard range of SIMATIC S7 modules and the open STEP 7 system
  • A large TFT touch panel with a clear intuitive user interface
  • Simple recipes storage on a USB flash drive

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Integrated automation of extrusion machines

Our high-performance visualization and control systems provide extrusion solutions that are easy to adapt to specific production requirements. With integrated software for controlling and operating all the different parts of the plant around the extruder, you can operate downstream equipment, sensors for product testing, melt pumps and dosing devices using just one controller. You can automate your extruder quickly and efficiently with our EXT 1500 application solution.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy operation through clear user interfaces and large TFT touch panel using modern WinCC Comfort visualization software
  • Cost savings thanks to a complete solution for extrusion machines comprising a factory-fitted software package and modular hardware
  • Flexibility and expandability based on the global industrial standards SIMATIC S7 and Totally Integrated Automation
  • Increased cost-efficiency thanks to integrated economy functions in the temperature control system

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Precision for thermoforming machines

Thermoforming often requires hundreds of individual radiant heaters, each of which must be precisely controlled or reset to different molds. Just a few degrees deviation can be critical in terms of product quality. To achieve a perfect molding process, the table and top dies must be mated accurately. Our solution for precise thermoforming is the TMF 1500, which enables very fast temperature setting thanks to the clear heat imaging. High-precision motors and drives also help to achieve constant quality thanks to jerk-free axis motion accurate to the nearest millimeter.

Benefits at a glance

  • Individual thermoforming solution thanks to scalable products and systems based on standard components
  • Precise and fast temperature control
  • Performance gradation of the heating process optimized to suit requirements
  • Large TFT touch panel with temperature graphics

Topology thermoforming machine

Current highlights

Solutions for perfect results in the plastics industry

Innovative automation and drive components significantly increase precision, product quality and dynamic performance in plastics machines. See for yourself!
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Digital transformation

Digitalization in machine building and plant engineering

Companies in discrete and process industries increasingly implement digitalization in order to gain competitive advantages. This affects the requirements that machine builders and plant engineers have to meet. We’ll show how you can integrate digitalization into you production to work faster, more flexible and more customized.

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