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Protect your machine performance even with unreliable grids

Factors like the transition to a renewable energy production and outdated infrastructure, lead to a decline in the reliability of power supply. At the same time, machines become more and more performant, which means considerably higher costs in case of outages. What can machine builders do to ensure their machines continue to operate at unreliable grids without interruption and with no loss of performance? Smart Power Management offers cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

How to ensure machine performance even if the grids are unreliable?

Follow the discussion between Andreas Hartinger, Business Developer #SPM for #ProductionMachines, and Christian Schiller, Energy & Performance Management at Siemens Digital Industries.

Our solution

Energy storage devices in the machine

Energy storage devices directly integrated in the machine can continue to supply the machine in case of a grid power failure, reduce peak loads, and buffer braking energy. These are precisely the kinds of solution offered by Smart Power Management, enabling reliable and lasting operation in the event of an unreliable power supply.

Simple integration into the drive system

Our solution involves a range of energy storage devices that can be perfectly integrated into the SINAMICS S120 drive system. We start by analyzing the load profile, and then offer advice on the selection and design of a suitable storage device. Various types of storage are available, based on flywheel, capacitors, or battery systems.

Maximum machine performance and availability

Smart Power Management gives you a cost-effective and power-saving opportunity to ensure your machine’s performance and availability, because the energy storage device is directly integrated into the SINAMICS S120 drive system and covers a wide range of applications. These include supplying power during a grid power outage, ensuring a reliable power supply during peak loads, and recovering of braking energy.
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The right solution for every application

When it comes to energy storage devices in your machine, Smart Power Management has the right solution for every application, with a huge portfolio of storage components and optimized power management. Benefit from our experience in all aspects of power management for SINAMICS drive systems in machines. Our team will be happy to deal with any questions, e.g. with technical information, and will help when selecting and designing your storage solution. Just register and we’ll send you all the information you need.

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