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Emission-free maritime traffic: The future, today

“A fantastic outlook: travel silently and emission-free through the world’s most beautiful fjords with the first electric car ferry .”   When “clean” ferries put to sea, our solutions not only ensure a quiet, comfortable passage, but also less energy consumption and greater environmental compatibility. Discover how our digitalization is taken maritime traffic into a new era.

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BlueDrive PlusC

Noise and emission-free for greater profitability

Car ferries sailing noiselessly across the most beautiful fjords are no longer a thing of the future, but already reality. Nowadays Siemens is equipping the transformers and converters of state-of-the art ships with corresponding BlueDrive PlusC frequency converters. The number of electric car ferries benefiting from this solution is rising. And the plus for the environment is that they are noiseless and emission-free.   Electricity from hydropower The special feature is that the entire electrical drive system can be powered by lithium-ion batteries with charging stations supplied by electricity from hydropower.


Steering towards digitalization

Ferries and offshore vessels are steering straight for digitalization and, hence, the future. The SISHIP EcoMAIN decision support system ensures economic potential by optimizing the ship’s operation.

EcoMAIN SISHIP gathers data from technical equipment via a wide range of interfaces on board, processes them into a standardized form and makes them available on a common data platform. The greatest potentials can be achieved in energy consumption, eco-friendliness and maintenance cycles.

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