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Supporting the life-long operational challenges with our competent world-wide SISHIP Life-Cycle-Management, Customer Services. Keeping your vessel operating safely and reliably – after all, only a working vessel generates revenues. Rely on our global service network in the event of more complex needs at port or at sea and optimize the operability of your vessel.

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Life Cycle Management

Drawing on its experience, Siemens developed and established a well-structured long-term service set-up for supporting ship owners and operators around the world.  Designed as a proactive partnership, SISHIP Life-Cycle Management comprises individually tailored service contracts which cover the specific key elements providing portfolio offerings like corrective, preventive and predictive services as well as asset management support. Overview: 24/7 Standby service and maintenance Remote support Reduces logistics expenses Proactive obsolescence management  Modernizations and upgrades Professional e-Trainings

Marine 4.0

An important enabler for professional and transparent asset management support is SISHIP EcoMAIN. This comprehensive solution represents the latest developments in advanced digitalization within marine operations including enabling truly comprehensive services via Remote Support App – to name the least of several customer and operator support options.


Within the framework of digitalization SISHIP Life-Cycle Management covers even professional e-Training methods for crews by use of ever increasing virtual reality applications.

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