Ensure an efficient and safe mining transportation

The distance between the material extraction site and the processing plant is constantly growing. SIMINE Conveyor helps you cover long distances and, simultaneously, increase your transported load and process speed – while also saving you energy and money along with providing a high level of employee safety and equipment protection.

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SIMINE solutions for mining transportation

Maximum power for maximum transport profitability and safety

No matter if the ore is close to the processing plant or in more and more remote areas, reliable and safe transportation solutions are always required.

SIMINE MAQ - Advanced Stockyard Management

The management of large bulk material stockyards includes many process steps: Inventory management, execution and Operation, of loading, unloading, storing and mixing/blending operations as well as the planning and scheduling.

Without reliable knowledge of the current condition of the stockyard (volume, quantity, quality, available space, etc), the risk of wrong decisions and uneconomical work increases.

Siemens SIMINE MAQ is the solution to prevent this.

Moving mountains reliably and efficiently

Safe and efficient transport of material is top priority for both underground and open-pit mines. The bulk material has to be transported quickly, while regarding energy use. Hence, energy-efficient solutions are mandatory to operate most cost- effectively. With SIMINE solutions for trucks and trolleys, conveyor systems, mine winders, and mining material handling you can easily meet the transportation challenges of today and tomorrow – thanks to a higher degree of operational safety and reliability, lower operating costs, increased productivity and energy savings as well, as drastically reduced exhaust and noise emissions.

SIMINE portfolio for mining transportation


Examples of excellence in mining transportation


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