Shaping a smart energy world at the grid edge – exploring opportunities for municipalities and DSOs

Strategic roles, valuable use cases and practical references to illustrate the potential for market players


Energy systems around the world are undergoing constant and radical transformation. Catchphrases like decentralization, digitalization and decarbonization have evolved from hyped buzzwords into the new reality. The internet of things is becoming reality for energy companies, too. The combination of these two factors makes up an explosive and transformative mixture for the energy world: The traditional grid not only needs to integrate new, smart customers but also has to closely collaborate with them. This area is called the grid edge.


And it is a true revolution!


In this paper, we present 5 hands­-on use cases which illustrate how current technologies help to integrate new players and assets to improve the core business of municipalities and DSOs and allow them to tap into innovative business models:


  1. Drive smart grid evolution with proactive distributed energy integration
  2. Optimize capacity, flexibility and market value through distributed energy aggregation
  3. Foster e-mobility uptake with charging infrastructure integration and operations
  4. Ensure energy resilience with DES and microgrids in modern district grids
  5. Optimize economic value of DES and microgrids for business customers


Reading time: 30 minutes

Document length: 22 content pages