Lifecycle Services for the Oil & Gas Industry


In the Oil and Gas industry, technical equipment is exposed to harsh environmental conditions, at the same time being subject to the highest levels of environmental and safety requirements. To cope with these circumstances, Siemens Oil & Gas industry services combine classical on-call and corrective and preventive services with  latest digital technologies, with the ever-lasting ambition to secure a maximum of availability, safety and efficiency of your equipment. Depending on your individual needs, you may select particular modules, ranging from simple on-call support to comprehensive long-term service partnerships and integral plant maintenance concepts. If you expect Siemens equipment on your plants to operate on the highest level of productivity, efficiency and safety, don‘t hesitate to contact us, to find service solutions individually coping with your requirements. 

Key areas of improvement

How can I increase equipment availability?


  • Our Managed service desk provides quick and direct access to all resources you are looking for, in case of any issues you may have with your equipment. Experts, who are familiar with your installation, are ready to support and orchestrate everything needed to re-install full operability.
  • Regular inspection and shutdown services
    For complex Siemens systems we are ready to support planned shutdown and inspection activities, to prevent failures before they even occur. We assist you along the planning phase and, if requested, do the complete shut-down project management for you. This also includes supervision and remote or on-site support by our experts.
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance:
    For rather critical components Siemens has developed a technical portfolio of condition monitoring services, starting with continuous monitoring of defined data streams, stretching to intelligent alarm management and even AI based analytic tools to detect potential break-downs long before they occur.
  • Cyber security services
    An increasing number of failures can be traced back to cyber security deficiencies, causing major threats for operations. Services to ensure a permanent high level of protection such make a major contribution to your plant’s availability.
  • Lifecycle management helps to keep your system up-to-date and serviceable over the course of time, combining elements of asset management, lifetime extension, update and upgrade services, obsolescence information, and regular health-check routines.
  • Smart spare part management allows you to save time and money by having an optimized, criticality based stock of spare parts, at any time. Including regular testing and calibration of equipment, securing that critical spare parts are right on site when they are needed most.
  • Add to your concept regular trainings of operators and maintenance personnel, making sure that your own personnel is well prepared and reacting efficiently in case of any incident.

How can I reduce costs?


  • Asset / spare part optimization – Saving the cost of idle equipment
    Smart spare part optimization and management allows you to save time and money by having an optimized, criticality based stock of spare parts, at any time.
  • Lifecycle management – Saving the cost of complex upgrades or migrations
    Small, but regular updates and upgrades of entail complex systems are usually more cost efficient than any run-to-failure strategies, which entail unplanned shut-down times and complicated procedures to bring the system back to an up-to-date status. Contact our experts to evaluate a lifecycle concept that fits to your individual strategies and cyber security regulations.
  • Energy optimization – saving the costs of energy consumption
    Energy consumption is one of the main cost drivers in many manufacturing processes. In process industries like Oil&Gas, energy consumption and energy production can occur even on the same plant, with many consumers and generators forming a complex network of energy distribution and consumption. Siemens offers services aimed to analyze and eventually reduce the energy consumption of a plant significantly, and has solutions to manage complex networks with sophisticated network control systems, including complex load shedding and generator management.
  • Condition monitoring/ Digital predictive maintenance – saving the costs of lost production
    Condition monitoring, combined with industry leading data analytics and AI algorithms, are designed not only to ensure high levels of plant availability. They are also a major lever to stretch the time period between shutdowns for preventive maintenance and thus significantly help saving the costs of lost production and preventive exchange of equipment long before failure. 
  • Digital twins, simulation and remote control centers – saving the costs of commuting personnel and technical changes
    Operating your plant from central control centers avoids considerable costs for commuting forth and back. In addition, “Digital twins” of a plant allow simulations not only for emergency training, but also to introduce new functions, software and components without the risk of unexpected impacts on the entire system. 
  • Cyber security services – saving the costs of detecting and eliminating the consequences of cyber attacks.

Changes in a production process, with the ambition to increase volume, quality or even characteristics and design of your products, often require major adjustments in the architecture of the underlying manufacturing system. May it be an upgrade to latest technology, the addition of new features or even a complete re-design, our experts are prepared to analyze and evaluate a cost efficient and safe modernization path for you, making your plant fit for the future.

Contact our experts to discuss your ideas and get first impressions of what is possible, using latest developments in digitalization, automation, high voltage electrics and power management, sensorics as well as material sciences.

How can I gain IT security?


These services help to achieve a considerable level of IT security:


  • Cyber security services
    Firewalls and conventional virus detection are way to little. Comprehensive services have been developed to protect your operations reliably from cyber threats.  Contact our experts to learn more about latest IT technologies to protect the operational layers of your enterprise.
  • Update management
    As an integral part of our permanent lifecycle management services, we are prepared to provide you always with the latest, duly tested, hotfixes and patches to ensure that no gates are left open for hostile intrusion into your operations.

    Regular updates and professional defense technologies are the bare minimum required to maintain a good level of protection.  However, these cornerstones have to be complemented by access control, training of people and a variety of other provisions. As a certified supplier, Siemens is in the position to consult clients in setting up a maximum of safety and security for production environments.  Contact us to learn more.  

How can I make my maintenance costs predictable and the planning reliable?


The worst thing that can happen to people who are responsible for maintenance and operations, are expenses to cope with entirely unexpected incidents and challenges. 

Siemens offers a range of services designed to make your maintenance costs more steady and reliable, thus allowing predictable planning. 


  • Obsolescence information
    Some equipment lasts for 20 years, other – in particular software and firmware – may change after only days or weeks. Having a regular obsolescence reporting in place, allows you to predict requirements for upgrade or replacements years ahead and thus allows a reliable planning for it.
  • Lifecycle management
    Rather than waiting too long and running in obsolescence's, technical incompatibilities and complex migrations, we are prepared to keep your system up-to-date and serviceable on a regular basis. It goes without saying, that our clients remain in full control of this process under such lifecycle agreements, however get professionally supported with all updates, patches and a clear recommendation what would be necessary and what can be skipped.
  • Managed service desk
    Under a MSD agreement, our experts are familiar with your equipment and plants. As part of the services, they will remain in a permanent relationship with your maintenance and operational managers, thus evaluating upcoming changes years ahead and making them highly predictable and plannable.
  • Maintenance management system
    With state-of-the-art database systems, it is possible to track thousands of pieces of equipment in very systematic ways, thus creating a solid basis for planning ahead maintenance activities as well as major updates and upgrades. Experienced staff is prepared to assist you in setting up such plans either in your own system or by using Siemens COMOS MRO, one of the most advanced maintenance management tools on the market.       


How can I protect my Investment?


In complex systems, components have rather different lifecycles, ranging from approx. three years (computers, servers etc.) to 20 years of operation (e.g. certain field instruments).  In order to make sure, that a complex system or plant remains up-to-date and can be maintained even after decades, a sophisticated plan is inevitable. Siemens provides dedicated service elements, designed to ensure such terms of flawless operation.


  • Lifecycle management:
    With Lifecycle Management we help to keep your system up-to-date on a regular basis.  Frequent obsolescence reports allow to detect upcoming needs right in time and disclose various options to cope with it.  Sophisticated AI based software assists our experts in detecting anomalities, interface issues and guide you in understanding the best ways to deal with it. 
    In an ever changing environment, our experts assist you in evaluating whether parts of your system need to be revamped, modernized, or whether there are ways to keep parts of the equipment by interfacing them with new IT components, telecommunication, sensors and other developments.
  • Lifetime extension:
    If, however, economical considerations require to operate even very mature installations beyond usual life-spans, individual concepts need to be implemented, making sure, that serviceability, licenses and compatible spare parts are available throughout the intended extension period. Our lifecycle extension services provide several customized modules, which help to secure serviceability and to keep migration paths open to latest developments.


Services for improving the oil & gas production productivity

Our Portfolio for Managed Service Desk offers you competent help, whenever it is needed, via 24/7 access to technical experts being familiar with your system. Communication takes place between the same people over long time, fostering mutual learning and trust.


The MSD offers a quick access to all kind of required services via only one channel. There is no need to search for the right person to address, in particular (but not only) in cases of emergency.


MSD comes with elements of prevention and consulting, lowering the risk of serious issues and showing ways to improve the system. The scope of services can flexibly be adapted to changing environment and needs.


MSD is our premium service offer, designed for clients operating Siemens equipment in critical parts of their operations, and looking for a long-term trusted partner for basically any issue coming along.

Many of our services are digitally enabled since decades. However, artificial intelligence, predictive algorithms, big-data analysis, access to data from any place, edge computing and other technologies are evolving now and being made available to your benefit.


Introducing such new digital technologies in a plant of even a fleet of assets, is nothing which can be offered „of-the-shelve“.  It rather requires an intensive dialogue between your and our experts, to find the most feasible and efficient way into the digital future.


Contact our digital core team, to evaluate your ideas and start exploring the exciting new options of digital methods and technologies.


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Highly efficient maintenance requires up-to-date data concerning the installed equipment, it‘s operational status, age and serviceability.

Siemens industrial asset and fleet management services enable transparent insight in the status quo of products, systems, entire plants or even fleets of plants, thus indicating upcoming maintenance, updating, upgrading or even replacement requirements.

Various elements of our fleet and asset management foster not only high levels of availability and reliability, but also allow to compare equipment performance or to optimize spare part and upgrading concepts.


With a modular approach to asset management, we provide elements of

  • Asset transparency and version management
  • Permanent monitoring of critical assets
  • Performance monitoring and improvement
  • Maintenance planning and asset optimization
  • Obsolescence monitoring
  • System simulation

For the process level of customers operations Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to ensure that the risk of cyber attacks are kept on a minimum level.


  • Assessment of the current situation and stress tests provide transparency on action issues, presented in a professional report
  • Implementation of different layers of cyber security
  • Keeping the new level of security upright at any time, by regular updates, intrusion warning and defending


How can we help you?

If you have questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to help!