LNGo™ Micro-scale LNG Production System

Scalable LNG production technology

The Dresser-Rand LNGo system is a modularized, skid-mounted natural gas liquefaction plant capable of producing up to 30,000 US gallons (47 tons) of liquefied natural gas per day. The LNGo systems enable the build-out of a flexible LNG infrastructure by enabling re-deployable, scaled expansions of LNG supply. The pre-packaged, complete liquefaction system is designed for optimum power efficiency and has minimal site requirements with a streamlined installation process. Our scalable LNG production technology enables clients to adapt to future market demands.

Product Information

The LNGo System

The LNGo system is comprised of several packaged skids hosting the various modules required for gas conditioning, compression, chilling, processing, controls as well as electric power.


  • Re-deployable
  • Proven Dresser-Rand and Siemens engineered product technologies
  • Short project cycle times
  • Worldwide service and support
  • Skid-mounted design with compact footprint 


  • Meets industry standards applicable to micro-scale LNG systems (NFPA 59A, ASME, NEC, etc.)
  • Ambient rating: -20 to 100°F (-29 to 38°C)
  •         Standard cold and hot weather packages available
  • Module assembled footprint (L x W): 110 x 150 ft (33.5 x 45.7 m)
  • Input natural gas:
  •         ~2,500 to 3,000 MSCFD (70,790 to 84,950 SCMD)
  •         Nominal inlet condition: 65 to 1,200 psig (4.5 to 82.7 bar), 60°F (16°C)
  • Output LNG:
  •         Up to 30,000 gpd (47 TPD)
  •         >0 to 30 psig (>0 to 2.1 bar)
  •         -259 to -245°F (-161 to -154°C)
  •         Saturated LNG


The LNGo system is ideally suited to monetize smaller natural gas resources where no gas pipeline infrastructure is in place such as associated gas from shale oil production, methane rich gas streams from other sources which may otherwise be flared or other stranded gas resources. As a starting point of a virtual pipeline it allows to move the gas to market where it can be utilized e.g. by small power generators or for space heating in remote communities.


Alternatively, LNGo systems can be applied as LNG fuel production and distribution centers for LNG fueled vehicle fleets where the natural gas can be either taken from a nearby reservoir or a gas pipeline. LNG is ideal for high horsepower machinery including marine, rail, mining, over-the-road trucking, drilling, fracturing, and power equipment, where it can provide attractive fuel cost savings and emission reductions compared with diesel driven equipment.

Service and Support

We provide full turn-key installation and commissioning services, as well as routine operations, monitoring and maintenance contracts to ensure ongoing reliable and available operations.



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“Our LNGo solution is proven technology, has a small footprint, is quickly installed and is scalable to meet changing demand. The LNGo plant can function as a decentralized solution where the requisite pipeline infrastructure is lacking, or as an onsite solution to reduce or eliminate flaring of petroleum gas at, for example, oil rigs or producing gas fields.”
Michael Walhof, Sales Director for Distributed LNG Solutions

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