Standardization of electrical equipment in machines

Standardization for electrical equipment in machines offers tangible benefits for plant operators and machine manufacturers

Discover what standardization in control panel manufacturing can do for electrical engineering

When procuring plant equipment, plant operators rely on standards, guidelines, and legal requirements for the protection of their people and plant equipment. Manufacturers of electrical equipment, however, have leeway for interpretation when observing these requirements, which can create a great deal of coordination work. It’s better to use a technical specification to establish standards for electrical equipment in machines which are precisely tailored to the operator’s requirements. That creates certainty for you, and also provides tangible benefits for machine manufacturers.

Cost benefits

Reduce overall costs with standardization

Standardization and the development of operator specifications can require significant work initially, but this effort pays for itself many times over - from the beginning of machine development and throughout the entire lifecycle.

Huge potential for savings on operating costs!

If you look only at the procurement costs (CAPEX), you can miss the huge potential offered by standardization. High operating costs (OPEX) are incurred throughout a machine’s lifecycle, for example during downtimes, or inventory costs for spare parts, support, maintenance, etc. Standardization can help plant operators reduce these costs and thus save money over the long term despite the high up-front costs.

Precise operator specifications mean manufacturers can work more efficiently because there is less need for coordination and they have the opportunity to re-use successfully tested projects for new orders. We support both operators and manufacturers with our experience in drawing up operator specifications and in implementing them properly.

You Are Not Average!

Standardizing the electrical equipment of machines helps plant operators and OEM to reduce cost. Standards apply to everyone and ensure safety. But your plant is not the average plant. Your system is built for your needs, no one else's. You need standards enhanced by a tailor-made technical specification. Siemens and Electrolux present how to establish standardization of electrical equipment.

Cost savings in practice

Although a standardization strategy leads to higher initial costs (initial investment by the machine supplier), this is followed by significant potential savings throughout the service life of the machines.

Comparing projects with and without standardization in the graphic at right shows that inventory costs are reduced by up to 47 percent, software costs for engineering by up to 46 percent, and the number of suppliers by up to 56 percent, which also reduces overall training requirements (see sample calculation).

If the systems are always acquired from the same machine supplier, that should also reduce the machine manufacturing cost, since standardization can result in shorter commissioning times, for example. Standardization of electrical equipment also gives new machine suppliers a clear model to build on.

White paper on standardizing electrical equipment

See the white paper “Operator specifications for the electrical equipment of machines in addition to general standards and guidelines” for everything you need to know about operator specifications and what they can achieve. This document illustrates the risks and benefits for manufacturers and operators throughout the various phases of the product lifecycle. It also offers suggestions regarding recommended content.


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Sample specification for electrical equipment

The Siemens sample specification “Engineering standard for electrical equipment in machines and plant” serves as a handy guide  both for operators and manufactures.

The sample specification describes the fundamental normative and technical regulations and requirements by customers for the procurement, implementation, and range of functions of components, devices, and automation systems for electrical equipment in machines and plant. Download the contents now to get a first impression of what the sample specification covers.

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