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Arc flash protection

80% of all injuries related to electricity are a result of arc flashes.

Protection against arc flash in the U.S. market

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), there must be an arc flash hazard warning on the electrical equipment of machine, switch, and control cabinets. In order to adequately protect personnel from the dangers of an arc flash when working on energized equipment/systems, it is the responsibility of the operator to carry out an arc flash study and evaluation.


However, more and more operators or end users are delegating this responsibility to the suppliers (OEMs, machine builders, system integrators, SSB). Siemens supports manufacturers of switchgear and control cabinets with a corresponding arc flash study, including the necessary warning notices and technical details.

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Arc fault protection from the electrical planning phase onwards

By implementing just a few preventive measures during the early planning phase,  electrical planners can substantially reduce or even fully prevent damage to low-voltage switchgear and injuries to bystanders.