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Software-supported cable dimensioning and short-circuit calculation
Control Panel Design Software in the Offline Version of the TIA Selection Tool

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For the safe and standard-compliant operation of a machine, it is important to design the electrical system not only for normal operating conditions, but also for overloads or even short-circuits.


A properly dimensioned cable can safely handle current in overload conditions without risk of fire. Control Panel Design sizes the cables for you. It automatically calculates the cable cross-sections inside and outside the control cabinet depending on the cable length and the specified loads. Presets can be used to individually define certain parameters such as the minimum cross-sections to be used, the type of installation or the cable material. This enables you to achieve maximum safety in the electrical system. The calculated cross-sections are clearly presented in the single-line diagram.

Control Panel Design in the TIA Selection Tool automatically calculates all components and displays the minimum and maximum short-circuit values at the loads. Watch the video and see how this is performed with Control Panel Design.

First download and open the tool.


Then add a new load feeder for direct online motors, switch to the electrical load and select the desired power for the motor. Go on to 'Switchgear', where you can specify the start type of the motor. Clicking on 'Calculate' provides you with the result of the suitable device combinations in a clear single-line diagram on the right.


Additional switchgear assemblies available for the motor as well as tested and valid ones are offered below the 'Calculate' button and can be selected with a mouse click. The single-line diagram is then automatically adjusted and the cable dimensioning and short-circuit calculation for the new switchgear assembly are also adjusted automatically.

Reduce your work in electrical design!

Don't waste time dimensioning switching and protection devices because of cable and short-circuit current calculations. With the Control Panel Design software, you calculate the minimum and maximum short-circuit values at the motor with minimal entry effort. The software also automatically determines the appropriate switching and protection devices as well as the related accessories – all in the correct IEC or UL standards world! Control Panel Design supports the selection of tested combinations with just one click. This selection includes, for example, the requirements of coordination type, control supply voltage, and connection types.