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Devices for protection of control circuits and equipment

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Simple planning in the control circuit

No matter the industry, no matter the requirement – an efficient power supply is a basic prerequisite for running any type of equipment. Demanding production processes can only be upheld if the power supply to the control panel components is constantly maintained at the required quality.
This control panel tip describes how intelligent tools, such as the TIA Selection Tool, can be used for support and also explains the importance of correct protection of the control circuit.

Tips for you!

Choosing the right power supply unit can take a lot of time. Especially if you also have to dimension an uninterruptible power supply SITOP DC-UPS and the selective protection of the 24 V feeds. The video below shows how quickly and simply this can be done with the SITOP assistant in the TIA Selection Tool:


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Generating EPLAN macros with the TIA Selection Tool

Optimized, coordinated processes can save time and money when engineering control panels. The TIA Selection Tool supports you when creating EPLAN macros for the control circuit. Find out more and watch the video:

SITOP EPLAN typicals
We also provide pre-prepared EPLAN typicals to ensure effective engineering. These contain information on the structure and usage of the macros. You will find them in our Online Support under -> SITOP 24 V Engineering Module.


Creating project documentation with EPLAN eBUILD

eBUILD and SITOP Library make creating project documentation a quick and simple job for ePlan users. With the aid of this library, you can configure power supply units in the SITOP Smart and SITOP Modular ranges with single-phase: 2.5 A - 40 A and 3-phase: 5 A - 40 A outputs. How this works, you can see in this short video.

Every power failure can result in a plant standstill – costing a considerable amount of time and money. The uninterruptible 24 V power supply units in the SITOP DC-UPS systems with various types of energy storage units and communication interfaces provide solutions for all demands placed on buffer time and system integration. The free SITOP Manager tool is available for commissioning, engineering and monitoring for devices with communication-capability (Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET, USB port).

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