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Seamless machine engineering with integrated electrical engineering

Machine builders are constantly competing – worldwide. Their customers expect innovative machine concepts that are available quickly and reliably. Digitalization is the lever to maximize efficiency and flexibility. It permits the necessary standardization and integration in engineering to develop machines in an interdisciplinary way. The digitalization potential in electrical engineering is currently not fully exploited - it remains untapped. The future lies in functional engineering and in the integration of engineering processes. What does this mean for the mechanical engineering process? 

Control Panel Design in the TIA Selection Tool (download & newsletter)

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control panel design

Have you heard of the new standard in electrical engineering?

With Control Panel Design, we now offer a function in TIA Selection Tool that allows you to design and dimension the main electrical system of a machine in accordance to standards - for both IEC and North America. At the push of a button you receive the appropriate switching and protection devices for your motor, including standard-compliant cable cross-sections and short-circuit values for fuseless and fused load feeders.

Integrated disciplines

Functional engineering – configure complex projects easily and quickly

In engineering, there is always pressure to act and work processes must be accelerated. Tasks are modularized by designing individual machine functions.

Through consistent modular engineering of individual machine functions, mechanical, electrical and automation data are saved only once. Everything is based on the shared, central data platform (e.g. Teamcenter). Changes in the different domains become visible and are directly available to engineers in the other domains.

If the machine is scaled up for the next project and, for example, the motor power is increased, machine functions can be reused in a slightly modified form and thus designed more simply, in accordance with the principle of "reuse and adopt". This saves a great deal of time during implementation and reduces costs.

Collaborative Engineering

Develop in parallel and reach your goal faster

Engineering in the disciplines of mechanics, electrics and automation is generally done one after the other – this takes time. However, through standardization, shared data management and the right engineering tools, several developers can work on a project at the same time.

Develop faster together with Collaborative Engineering

Standardization and modularization allow the engineering process to be designed more efficiently. Clearly defined, parallelized processes based on implemented company standards enable parallel and collaborative work on an engineering project for the disciplines of mechanics, electrics and automation. Enormous potential savings can be achieved in engineering time when a machine series is modified or adapted. This also ensures a standard-compliant design, e.g. by allowing verification of the correct components for the electrical design by means of corresponding modules at the push of a button.

Collaborative Automation Design for machines with standard conform electrical dimensioning

Designing the electrical systems for a machine can be highly complex and time-consuming. Here you can learn how to speed up and improve the quality of your machine design.

Using the Collaborative Automation Designer and the TIA Selection Tool you can combine the benefits of highly efficient engineering with the safe and standard-compliant dimensioning of your electrical system. See more in our video.

Electrical engineering has the greatest digitalization potential in engineering

The multi-layered and complex electrical engineering for a standard-compliant control panel is considerably facilitated by Smart Control Panel Design, because electrical dimensioning can be performed here at the push of a button. In addition, our smart tools facilitate important aspects, such as risk assessment and documentation generation, in addition to the rapid acquisition of mechanical and automation requirements. All of this ensures that the electrification of the machine conforms to standards and is free of faults.  

With Control Panel Design you can optimize four aspects of electrical engineering: with digital standards know-how, simple dimensioning, continuous workflows, and a comprehensive device portfolio. Control Panel Design in TIA Selection Tool supports the standard-compliant, electrical dimensioning of machine control panels.

Comprehensive engineering tools

Regardless of which software solution you use, Siemens will provide you with continuous support in machine engineering and in the digitalization of your electrical engineering: from mechanics to automation and electrics. Our software helps you to closely link up the mechanical design to the electrical engineering and automation processes. For all three disciplines there are engineering tools at your disposal to recreate a digital machine twin and implement electrical design, automation and mechanical design in one model.

Dimension and configure hardware quickly and easily with the TIA selection tool

Electrical dimensioning incl. product selection

Dimension and configure hardware quickly and easily

The TIA Selection Tool supports you in planning your entire project: From the selection of components to electrical dimensioning and all the way to configuration - everything integrated in one tool.

Professional network planning with the software SIMARIS design

Network planning and calculation

Professional network planning

With SIMARIS design, you can carry out network calculations for your entire production facility, including important calculations such as short-circuit currents and energy balances. All this based on real components and with minimal input effort.

The free SIMARIS therm tool enables you to quickly perform a thermal analysis in the control panel in accordance with standards.

Temperature rise verification

Thermal optimization made easy

The free SIMARIS therm tool enables you to quickly perform a thermal analysis in the control panel in accordance with standards.

Standardized data and ready-made modules for your E-CAD system

Data for your E-CAD system

High-quality data for your CAE/CAD system

We offer you standardized data and ready-made modules for your E-CAD system.

Design properly right from the start

With the tools for mechanical construction, you can ensure that your developments will be functional right from the start. The SIZER engineering tool provides step-by-step support in dimensioning and designing complete drive solutions. The suitable motors, frequency converters, switchgear and controls are thus selected according to requirements. With the NX Mechatronic Concept Designer (MCD), you get an integrated solution for interdisciplinary collaboration and can reuse existing knowledge, shorten the time-to-market, and make more substantiated decisions. The electrical engineering is seamlessly integrated.

Automating more efficiently

Increase your engineering productivity with automation tools that save time and considerably facilitate workflows. Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) is the central tool for all automation tasks. TIA Selection Tool simplifies the configuration of the necessary hardware, and with Automation Designer, the mechanical, electrical and automation system can be edited in a structured manner and in parallel.