The new Load Feeder Configurator+ in the TIA Selection Tool​

Cable and short-circuit dimensioning in only 30 seconds.

In just a few steps, the Load Feeder Configurator+ in the TIA Selection Tool helps you to select the appropriate switching and protection devices for your motor. Furthermore, you receive standard-compliant conductor cross-sections and short-circuit ratings for fuseless load feeders at the push of a button. Have fun trying it out! 

Load Feeder Configurator+ (IEC) in the offline version of the TIA Selection Tool​

Free download TST​

New Feature: Graphical preview of the main circuit! 

Get to know the new visualization of the infeed view, which allows you to view the load feeder individually as well as in combination with the infeed. Also new: The automatic display of the appropriate accessories for your device selection and the total current formation with RDF.

This saves you valuable time during detail engineering!

Electrical planning can be so easy

What are the specific benefits of the Load Feeder Configurator+?​

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Load feeder dimensioning and cable sizing made easy with the Load Feeder Configurator+ (IEC)

Webinar Recording from the Control Panel Webinar Series


Find out how to ensure the correct electrical dimensioning of motor starters in terms of load feeder protection devices and correct dimensioning of power conductors. The new load feeder configurator+ (IEC) ensures an efficient and time saving dimensioning of load feeders and therefore avoids harmful influences on your electrical control panel.

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Webinar Recording from the Control Panel Webinar Series


Digital, collaborative and efficient engineering -
Get an insight on various engineering features and configuration tools in which you can faultlessly integrate your project and create an efficient documentation for your project. 

Collaborative Automation Design for machines with standard conform electrical dimensioning

Designing the electrical systems for a machine can be highly complex and time-consuming. Here you can learn how to speed up and improve the quality of your machine design.

Using the Collaborative Automation Designer and the TIA Selection Tool you can combine the benefits of highly efficient engineering with the safe and standard-compliant dimensioning of your electrical system. See more in our video.

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