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Control Panel Design in the TIA Selection Tool simplifies electrical engineering for the long term

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Control Panel Design in the TIA Selection Tool makes electrical engineering smart, digital, and consistent. This software eliminates time-consuming calculation and selection tasks. It makes the work of any electrical planner a whole lot easier. Each update adds new functions and additional hardware. Discover the new standard in electrical engineering today.

Control Panel Design in the TIA Selection Tool (offline version)

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Feature Pack 4.1: hybrid starter technology and additional load types

Release: March 2022 (V2022.03) | New additions to Feature Pack 4.1 in detail

Feature Pack 4.1 makes it possible to select circuit breakers and gG fuses for IEC user-defined loads in the Control Panel Design software. The feature pack includes the design of load feeder combinations with 3RW soft starters for IEC networks as beta versions as well as the ability to dimension and configure SIRIUS hybrid starters for ET 200SP – also for IEC networks.


Additional Load types

  • Selection of further control devices for IEC user-defined loads (5SY SENTRON circuit breakers, gG fuses)
  • Soft starter simulation with 3RW (beta function)
  • Hybrid starter for ET 200SP
  • Motor starters for IEC networks (beta function)

Feature Pack 4.0 – soft starter simulation and UL main switch selection

Release: December 2021 (V2021.12) | New additions to Feature Pack 4.0 in detail

This feature pack contains many new functions and makes electrical engineering even easier. The latest version of the Control Panel Design software lets you design drive solutions with soft starters as well as main switches according to UL standards.


Soft starter simulation and UL main switch selection

  • Soft starter dimensioning with 3RW (technology preview)
  • Circuit breaker design according to UL 508A (with circuit-breaker 3VA5/6 and 3LD switch-disconnector)
  • Switchgear selection and line dimensioning for user-defined loads in IEC networks (beta function)
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Control Panel Design in the TIA Selection Tool assists you in carrying out numerous work steps. It makes your electrical design standard-compliant and significantly more efficient. All done with ease. What, exactly, do you get with Control Panel Design?
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With Control Panel Design, you benefit from simple dimensioning, a consistent workflow, digital standards expertise, and the seamlessly supported portfolio. This saves valuable time that you can use creatively to break new ground and take your projects to the next level.
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Control Panel Design software in the TIA Selection Tool gives you an enormous range of functions, with additional features being added continuously in updates.


The software eliminates many time-consuming routine tasks, so that complete electrical engineering – from preplanning to documentation – in compliance with the standards is a breeze even in complex projects. In the videos and articles posted here, you will learn  first-hand from our experts how to make your daily work noticeably more efficient with intelligent software and smart functions.


You will learn how to push the limits of Control Panel Design in the TIA Selection Tool. Armed with this knowledge, your electrical engineering tasks will become a real pleasure, and you will safeguard your competitiveness for the long term.

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