Siemens' solutions for the pharmaceutical industry supports you in winning the race against time against the Corona virus

Expert talks that help you win the race against time

In a series of webinars, we will introduce some of our proven solutions and concepts that help the pharmaceutical industry accelerate R&D and production of new medication and vaccines.


In the current global situation, winning the race against time is more important than ever. Siemens is proud to present a series of webinars where different experts will present some of the proven solutions and concepts that are accelerating R&D and production in the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the coming weeks we will be presenting on different topics including digital process twins, paperless manufacturing and many more. 

How the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from digitalization

July 01, 2020 / 17:00 CET 


Speaker: Andrew Whytock, Head of Digitalization & Innovation, Pharmaceutical Business Segment, Siemens


A high-level overview of how the pharmaceutical industry is adopting the latest technologies to win the race against time in the research, development, manufacture and supply of medicines.

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How to implement digital twin solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

July 08, 2020 / 17:00 CET 


Speaker: Patrick Bossuyt, Head of Business Development Software, pharmaceutical business segment, Siemens


Using a digital replica of the production process, the "twin" allows researchers to quickly adapt and then simulate new processes, enhancing efficiency, flexibility and to optimize production in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Digitalization is needed at every point along the value chain to help the pharma industry get pharmaceuticals from the lab to the patient as quickly as possible. At this challenging time this is especially relevant.

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How paperless manufacturing and eBR apps can speed up operations

July 15, 2020 / 17:00 CET 


Speaker: Remy Verbregue, Head of Global MES, Pharmaceutical Business segment, Siemens


Paperless manufacturing in the pharma industry offers several advantages when compared to traditional procedures. Enabling a more detailed recording of process data, conditions and results, it helps build error-resistant processes that are more robust and less prone to deviations. Find out about our proven software solution for electronic batch record management and the latest innovations on the platform.

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How to analyse bioprocess big data

July 22, 2020 / 17:00 CET 


Speaker: Siobhan Fleming, Collaboration Manager – Biopharmaceutical Data Analytics, Siemens Digital Industries


Leveraging the value of complex bioprocess data sets is a key enabler in meeting the challenges of modern biopharmaceutical operations, from complex changing portfolios and time to market demands, to regulatory reporting and process intensification needs. In this webinar we identify the common obstacles to implementing a data strategy and how to overcome them, important use cases to consider, and present a recent partner success story.

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