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Modern commercial or public institutions in the life science sector are often dispersed across multiple buildings. To effectively monitor and control all of these buildings, a building management concept with the highest degree of centralization and automation is essential. By consolidating the relevant technologies across your life science campus into a single platform, we can provide cost-efficient solutions. This is how you can reliably increase security policy adoption while offering the highest convenience for your employees’ daily routines.


Life science campus building management on a large scale

In campus applications, the wrong building management concept can have severe financial consequences: If your buildings’ technological infrastructure consists merely of disparate systems distributed across the various locations, managing them will be highly inefficient and therefore time-consuming and costly. For example, employing different access control systems independently from each other will increase the likelihood of inconsistencies with access permissions and complex processes – and ultimately, increased operating expenses. With a building management solution optimized for centralized operation, you can reliably avoid such issues across your life science campus.


We have developed specialized building management systems that can fulfil this role in your life science campus facilities. They are assembled from various subsystems (access control, video surveillance, mass notification etc.) that are seamlessly integrated with comprehensive, centralized command and control functions. This allows you to reliably, scalably and efficiently manage all buildings across the life science campus. Further you can minimize human errors and resolve incidents within seconds. In the end, and with the help of conveniently displayed information on energy consumption as well as extensive benchmarking functions, you’ll be able to significantly decrease your on-going operating costs in every science building lab. 

Benefits of life science campus building management from Siemens

Life Science campus portfolio

Fully integrated control systems for your life science campus facilities

Our extensive portfolio of management systems for your life science campus includes standardized solutions for all application scenarios. Through comprehensive integration of all components, we combine these systems into single solutions to meet the specific requirements of each science building laboratory. Explore all components below for further information.

Access control

Our access control solutions centrally record user activities and provide a clear overview of all persons present in every science building lab. They combine information from the access control server, personnel files, plant and maintenance data as well as access history in real time. That makes it much easier to decide whether a person will be allowed to access a science building laboratory at a certain time.

Corporate security

Enterprise-wide security solutions from Siemens help mitigate risks, exposure and the costs associated with safety- and security-related business interruptions, allowing corporations to focus on their core business, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction – consistently, profitably and responsibly.

Emergency voice communication

Our intelligent evacuation systems are activated automatically in case of an incident and can be configured both for live voice announcements and playback of pre-recorded messages. Clear instructions and descriptions of the emergency situation enable the people inside the building to evacuate the danger area quickly and orderly. This effectively prevents the outbreak of panic in hazardous situations.

Fire detection

Our S-LINE fire detectors are equipped with our uniquely intelligent ASAtechnology, which allows exceptionally precise and rapid fire detection and alarming. Aspirating smoke detection ensures earliest possible detection even if air flows or air conditioning and ventilation systems prevent smoke from reaching the fire detectors.

Intrusion detection

Our modern security systems meet the complete range of security requirements. They and can be installed in any desired configuration across your life science campus. Through integration with other security disciplines such as video surveillance or access control, we help you increase security while saving costs at the same time.

Mass notification

Clear communication is always important – whether it’s a routine message about avoiding a full parking lot or a stressful emergency situation where people have to be guided out of harm’s way. Desigo Mass Notification is an efficient and flexible application that uses today’s most common communication technologies to provide notification functionalities to the Desigo CC building management platform ensuring that your message gets through to the right people.

Video surveillance

Our video surveillance systems reliably monitor sensitive areas across your life science campus. Furthermore, they record all processes before and after an event. In case of a critical deviation, an alarm is transmitted to the control center automatically as well as the camera in the relevant area activated.

Command and control

Today, businesses and public buildings usually have more than one security system installed. Powerful command and control systems offer a one-source management application that combines all of them into one system: Centralized alarm management, supervision and control to secure the safety of people, processes and assets across your life science campus.


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