Building management in critical storage

Life science laboratory building management

In the life sciences, protecting valuable products and materials is as important as it is challenging – important, because the best quality must be ensured for treatment or research assets; challenging, because compliance with the stringent regulatory and technological requirements is hard to maintain. With our critical storage solutions, you can easily control and monitor all relevant parameters within a single system.


A comprehensive approach to critical storage solutions

Critical storage systems attached to scientific, healthcare and production facilities must be carefully controlled. One important aspect in critical storage is climate control: For example, a slight change in temperature might render whole batches of products useless. Maintaining optimum homogenous air conditions can be complicated by the storage facility’s layout, which commonly involves large open spaces. Those present unique challenges for ventilation and fire detection systems. In order to reliably protect products and materials and provide a safe, secure and comfortable work environment at the same time, we combine all management functions. Furthermore, we include monitoring, alarming and reporting within comprehensive, fully integrated critical storage systems.


Our sophisticated critical storage solutions use the latest sensor technology to continuously measure environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity. Uniform reporting functions make this data easily accessible and enable you to identify potentials for improving energy efficiency. This way, you can optimally protect costly products while meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements with the least amount of time and resources. All of these critical storage solutions are integrated with other disciplines within the building management infrastructure (for example, fire safety and security systems such as access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance) to help you achieve maximum operational efficiency.

Your benefits with Siemens critical storage solutions

Critical storage portfolio

Fully integrated control systems for your critical storage facility

Our extensive portfolio of building management systems for hazardous goods storage includes standardized solutions for all application scenarios. Through comprehensive integration of all components, we combine these systems into single solutions that meet the specific requirements of each facility. Explore our critical storage solutions below for further information.

Environment monitoring with CMT

With our Compact Monitoring Technology (CMT), the reliable monitoring of room conditions and airborne particles in critical environments is possible. With CMT, you can monitor, store and document up to 100 GMP-relevant environmental parameters – whether temperature, humidity, air velocity, air pressure and particles. You can also display the access to quarantine areas or highly sensitive medical systems like thrombocyte separators. Data acquisition, visualization and archiving are contained in a pre-configured control cabinet. CMT can be operated via the optional integrated touch panel or from a networked PC. Or you can link this critical storage solution to other monitoring systems such as airlock controls or presence detectors.

HVAC control

Reliably controlling and monitoring air conditioning parameters and airlock storage has been one of our core competencies for many decades. With our tailored solutions, you profit from minimized installation and operating costs as well as a high level of security against failure. All of these products for critical storage combine quality and reliability with the highest possible energy efficiency. Our HVAC portfolio includes:

  • Exact, modulating magnetic valves for drop-by-drop precise control
  • Dynamic pressure and volume flow controls
  • Calibrated humidity and temperature sensors


A basic component of our cleanroom concepts is demand-driven adjustment of light and shading. By optimizing the control of lights and blinds within your critical storage facility, you can save considerable amounts of energy. This highest level of automation makes our integrated lighting solutions perfectly suitable for achieving energy efficiency class A.

Particle measurement

Our solutions for integrating airborne particle measurement not only monitor and analyze measured values from all channels but also use this information to dynamically adjust air flow rates to substantially reduce energy costs.

Fire detection

Our S-LINE fire detectors are equipped with our uniquely intelligent ASAtechnology, which allows exceptionally precise and rapid fire detection and alarming. Aspirating smoke detection ensures earliest possible detection even if air flows or air conditioning and ventilation systems prevent smoke from reaching the fire detectors.

Fire suppression

We offer a fire suppression solution, called Sinorix™, that is ideally suited to the fire risks in critical storage facilities. Sinorix™ provides quick and reliable extinguishing for a wide variety of fire types. The solutions are tailored to your individual needs. This way you can maximize business continuity and provide optimal protection of people, environment, processes, and assets.

Room control

We offer intelligent building automation, called Compliant Control Technology. This way, we meet the high technical requirements and particularly the strict regulatory requirements of the life science industry. Compliant Control Technology efficiently controls and monitors all parameters in critical storage that can influence the quality of processes and products ‒ such as room differential pressures, room temperature and humidity. This way, you can ensure optimal room climate at any time. At the same time, we help you increase the energy efficiency of your critical storage facilities and reduce operating costs. For a quick and easy overview of critical parameters, our room control systems are equipped with convenient room displays. They automatically highlight warnings and limit value violations through a change in color as well as display critical alarms in plain text.

Access control

Our access control solutions centrally record user activities and provide a clear overview of all persons present. They combine information from the access control server, personnel files, plant and maintenance data. Furthermore, we display the access history in real time to decide whether a person will be allowed to access the hazardous goods storage facility at a certain time.

Intrusion detection

Our modern security systems meet the complete range of security requirements. They can be installed in any desired configuration, like critical storage facilities. Through integration with other security disciplines such as video surveillance or access control, we help you increase security with our intrusion detection while saving costs at the same time.

Video surveillance

Our video surveillance systems reliably monitor sensitive areas and record all processes before and after an event. If a critical deviation such as an unauthorized person is detected, an alarm is transmitted to the control center automatically as well as the camera in the relevant area activated.


Answering our customers’ challenges

All around the world, we have delivered ideal critical storage solutions for customers in the life science industries. Explore some of our projects below, which are tailored to their specific demands.


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