Webinar: Transforming life science facilities to future-proof workplaces

Date: February 2022 | video on demand

Duration: 55 min

Language: English


Workplace technology experts from Fate Therapeutics Inc, Verdantix and Siemens have joined forces in our series of life science webinars, “How to transform your life science facilities to future-proof workplaces?”​


In a panel discussion, we have explored what the future workplace will look like and how business requirements can be met, whilst balancing the needs and expectations of employees. We have addressed how workplace technology is playing a pivotal role in enabling organizations to develop new working models, whilst at the same time creating an amazing employee experience, covering key questions such as: ​

  • What are the key challenges in managing safe, healthy and flexible workplace?​
  • What is the role of workplace tech/data capture and analytics in creating the ultimate employee experience?​
  • Why should life science firms be thinking about the touchless workplace (office, lab, production) experience?​

Enter your information and watch our industry experts' fascinating discussion on the latest workplace trends and technology.​ 

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