Integrated Secondary Lines: Speeding up time to market

Integrated Secondary Lines enable quality and real-time for pharma packaging

Right-first-time: quality and real-time release with an integrated set of digital solutions and advanced automation systems for pharma packaging

The key to state-of-the-art secondary processing in the pharmaceutical industry is flexibility - new drugs, personalized formulations and new dosage forms drive the need for processing equipment that can deliver the desired quality and output with minimum downtimes and versatile production options. Modular plants and production lines that can be individually combined for a given product are one answer to this. Another is continuous manufacturing, which helps reduce lead times while reducing equipment footprint. To successfully manage the growing complexity of lines and systems, meet the requirements for quality inspection and documentation as well as speed up release of finished products, we provide a set of aligned systems and solutions that help you win the race for flexibility and performance in secondary processing.

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Secondary processing

Reduce your time to market

The key factors driving costs and efficiency in secondary processing in pharma are making all processing units work together.

From preparation to formulation to finishing to packaging, many different types of processes need to be smoothly coordinated, products and data must be transferred safely and reliably, and the final product must come with the required batch report that ensures it is ready for shipping.


With a comprehensive approach that integrates and optimizes the entire secondary manufacturing process, you can reduce costs and processing times during the manufacture of solids and liquids. Our digital solutions for data acquisition and analysis together with high-performance automation and drive solutions support transparent and flexible processes and help you implement state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

Fast forward on secondary process flexibility

With our integrated set of systems and advanced digital solutions, you can eliminate lag times and costly procedures, implement quality by design concepts in your lines, pave the way for continuous manufacturing, and optimally operate flexible and modular manufacturing units. Standardization is also important to optimally process big data from bioprocesses, which becomes possible with Siemens BioMAC. This cloud-based data processing and analytics offering helps companies to break silos and empower manufacturing teams with data-driven decision making.


Smart solutions for Integrated Secondary Lines

Discover our portfolio of innovative hardware and software solutions that help you win the race against time.
Opcenter APS and Opcenter Execution Pharma are part of a holistic Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Monitor and manage all your processes

Opcenter solutions

Holistic Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Opcenter APS

Our production planning and scheduling software Opcenter APS helps you monitor and manage all your processes by consolidating and optimizing the number of different manufacturing resources available, including equipment, people, processes and products. It provides real-time production execution, advanced planning and scheduling, and flexible reporting features.


Opcenter Execution Pharma

With Opcenter Execution Pharma, you can design, guide, control and review the product and production lifecycles, providing an electronic record that precisely details how a drug was produced as required by FDA and European regulatory bodies - for faster release.

Central data collection at pharmaceutical packaging: SIMATIC SIPAT

Quality by design


Central data collection to evaluate process variations

With SIPAT, enable the central data collection and real-time analysis of process and sensor data. The collected process data can be used to evaluate process variations as well as advanced process control (APC) strategies based on process models.

Process and batch control at packaging pharmaceutical products: SIMATIC PCS 7

Powerful, flexible process and batch control system


Scalable architecture with powerful engineering tools

Our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system combines a unique scalable architecture with powerful engineering tools and a wide variety of additional functions such as alarm management, process safety and asset management. Part of SIMATIC PCS 7 is SIMATIC BATCH, a highly flexible software package that facilitates implementing even the most complex batch processes - effectively and at reasonable costs.

Visualization and monitoring of drug production with SIMATIC WinCC Unified, SIMATIC HMI and add-ons

Visualization and monitoring


Modular operating and monitoring system

SIMATIC WinCC Unified system

Our modular operating and monitoring system SIMATIC WinCC facilitates the implementation of a comprehensive operating solution with a uniform audit trail and central signaling functions.



SIMATIC HMI operator interfaces with touch screens and stainless-steel fronts are especially designed for operator control and monitoring of processing machines in the pharmaceutical industry.


SIMATIC WinCC add-ons

Easily expand the functionality of our SIMATIC WinCC SCADA system with add-ons for quality inspection, process management as well as diagnostics and maintenance.

Process automation in the pharmaceutical industry: SIMATIC PC-based Automation

PC-based automation


Flexible, innovative platform with long-term availability

SIMATIC PC-based automation offers a range of industrial PCs and Panel-PCs with stainless steel housing suited for installation in pharmaceutical processes and on production equipment.

Weighing systems for drug production: SIWAREX

Weighing systems for drug production

SIWAREX weighing systems

Easier and more effective weighing, filling, bagging and dosing than ever

Our comprehensive range of products and systems for weighing and batching technologies (including belt weighing systems, weighfeeders, container scales, and batching systems) make a decisive contribution toward meeting quality, cost and deadline targets by providing spotless reliability and precision.

Solutions for pharmaceutical packaging machines

Solutions for packaging machines in the pharma industry

The increasing variety of individualized and personalized packaging of drugs requires plants to offer maximum flexibility, dynamic response, and reliability in the material and manufacturing flow. Modular solutions from Siemens for the packaging industry reduce the time to market and boost plant availability - with efficient engineering and less complexity.

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