Smart Biomanufacturing: next-generation biopharmaceutical production

Smart Biomanufacturing enables next-generation biopharmaceutical production with data-driven processes that can make biopharma solutions not only smarter but more agile and reliable as well

Data-driven processes can make biopharma solutions not only smarter, but more agile and reliable as well

Next generation smart biomanufacturing is driven by three key topics: personalization, modularization and digitalization. There is an increasing reliance on small-scale production lines for advanced therapies or for flexible clinical manufacture. Single-use and flexible components drastically increase efficiency and speed of a production line, whilst ensuring product quality. However, such processes need the matching, flexible and intelligent automation technology to ensure right-first-time quality and ease of operation.

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Smart Biomanufacturing

Creating insights for smarter processes

To improve yield, reduce time to market and facilitate process validation, Smart Biomanufacturing processes must deliver insights into biological behavior as well as process and product quality. Digitalization enables a deep process understanding for continuous, real-time quality control.

Integrated flexibility and quality for right-first-time production

The automation and IT systems in smart bioprocesses need to be able to cope with two principle challenges:

Firstly, small-scale and single-use processes often use mobile equipment that can be used in several locations. They are set up for a process by combining units in a “plug and play” environment, with flexible numbers and types of sensors and actuators. This necessitates a flexible, plug-and-play automation system with advanced tracking options and a highly intuitive operator interface.

Secondly, technology is increasingly used to monitor and evaluate product and process quality, often in real time. For example, innovative and cloud-connected process sensors and process analytical technology (PAT) help to directly track microbial production in bioreactors.


Siemens is providing flexible automation systems that are easy to configure, powerful PAT tools that enable process data integration and advanced modelling, as well as proven systems for electronic batch recording. Siemens is therefore helping companies to achieve a deeper process understanding while increasing production flexibility – and help win the race for smarter biomanufacturing.


Smart solutions for Smart Biomanufacturing

With our smart, integrated systems and solutions, you can win the race for deep process insights and reliable process performance while also achieving right-first-time quality and provide excellent ease of operation.
SIPAT PAT software enables quality by design

Quality by design


Using data to evaluate process variations

With SIPAT, enable the central data collection and real-time analysis of process and sensor data. The collected process data can be used to evaluate process variations as well as advanced process control (APC) strategies based on process models.

Opcenter Execution Pharma enables paperless manufacturing

Paperless manufacturing

Opcenter Execution Pharma

Central production management tool for smart bioprocesses

Opcenter Execution Pharma acts as a central production management tool, enabling paperless manufacturing in biopharma production. It allows for easy integration of single-use package units, supporting set-up and operation of equipment as well as the entire process through electronic work instructions and electronic batch recording (eBR).

PROFINET enables to connect mobile equipment to the automation network

Plug and produce


Connecting mobile equipment to the automation network

PROFINET is the ideal system for connecting mobile equipment such as single-use bioreactors and single-use mixers to the automation network. Single-use equipment can simply be linked as a combination of PROFINET devices and then plugged into the automation network, where they are immediately identified by their device names.

Mobile HMI station display the matching screen for the equipment that is in front of the mobile client

Wireless HMI with equipment detection

SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels

Mobile HMI station with automatic equipment detection

Besides the standard fixed place HMI, we can support biomanufacturing with a mobile HMI station that offers automatic equipment detection. Using RFID tags and PM Logon, the mobile solution will display the matching screen for the equipment that is in front of the mobile client.


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