Intelligent infrastructure from Siemens helps establish attractive, profitable, and sustainable smart city campuses.

Cities for the future

Smart city campuses pave the way to more livable urban areas
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Buildings of Tomorrow podcast

Buildings of Tomorrow podcast - Smart Cities

In this week's episode we are talking about Smart Cities. James Ehrlich, Founder of ReGen Villages, a Stanford University spin-off company, gives an overview of the future of living in regenerative and resilient communities

Smart infrastructure for city campuses

Cities can greatly benefit from attractive city campuses that shape the lives of people and communities, the success of businesses, and the health of the world around the campus with the help of smart infrastructure. The digital, agile, and flexible city campus of tomorrow manages costs, support the efficient use of all resources, and easily adapts to changing demands, in this way remaining attractive for residents and businesses in the long term. We are offering a fully integrated, bespoke end-to-end solution that combines renewable and intelligent energy supply and energy efficiency, smart buildings, and e-mobility charging to create more caring, integrated urban environments that understand and manage changing conditions, support the people who use them, and make lives better.

Shaping the future of city life

Smart city campuses tackle many of the the challenges that cities face today. Our digital strategy and technology help cities to establish livable quarters that respond to user requirements and remain attractive for the years to come.


Efficient infrastructure for attractive city campuses

Our range of products, solutions, and services enables the integrated control and management of the complete energy, building, safety and security, and e-mobility infrastructure of a campus – throughout the entire lifecycle.
Siemens experts support town and city councils in the development of a smart campus through individual planning, consulting, and simulation.

Planning, consulting, and simulation

Optimizing power system and building performance 

With up-to-date market and technology expertise and powerful simulation tools, our consultants support you in optimizing your power system and your buildings with regard to your individual technical and economic targets. Our services comprise strategic advice and grid design as well as control and automation concepts for both power and building infrastructures.

Distributed energy systems with technology from Siemens make the energy supply of a  smart city campus more economical, resilient, and sustainable

Energy generation

Distributed energy systems create extra value

In the wake of the ongoing decentralization of the energy system, more and more campuses are using local energy solutions to produce the electricity they need. But there’s even more in it: With the help of distributed energy systems, campuses gain more independence from energy suppliers and establish a highly sustainable, cost-efficient, and remarkably more resilient power supply. It even becomes possible for campuses to actively participate in the energy market, as any generated surplus can be fed into the power grid and sold to the market – an attractive opportunity to create additional revenue. 


Power distribution

Microgrids for cost-effective, sustainable, reliable power

Microgrids contain all the elements of complex energy systems, they maintain the balance between generation and consumption, and they can operate on and/or off grid. More and more campus operators are using microgrids to produce the electricity they need cost-effectively, sustainably, and reliably.

Energy storage as a contribution to a sustainable energy system pay off particularly well in the context of a smart city campus.

Energy storage

Energy storage solutions for any requirements

Energy storage solutions for industry, infrastructure, and private individuals: fast, flexible and reliable.

Siemens technology creates the necessary infrastructure for electromobility on a smart city campus


The brain of eMobility.

Considering the important role of eMobility within urban spaces like campuses, the infrastructure for electric mobility must satisfy the requirements of the grid, but also meet the needs of all the people operating in a modern city campus.

Efficient, economical, and sustainable water supply and treatment for the smart city campus with technology from Siemens

Water management

Making the most of every drop

Clean water is one of the most important resources for campuses. The consistent, end-to-end digitalization of all water and wastewater processes within the scope of a smart campus makes it possible to provide and treat the valuable resource in an efficient, economical, and sustainable manner and, at the same time, ensure the utmost security of supply.

Building technologies from Siemens turn a smart city campus into a perfect place

Building technologies

Increasing building performance, efficiency, and adaptability

We spend up to 90 percent of our lives in buildings, and we believe that everything people do in life deserves a perfect place to do it - smart buildings are an active contributor to the experience and success of its stakeholders.

Siemens provides sophisticated security management and security services for the comprehensive protection of people, assets and data at the Smart City Campus

Safety and security

Keeping city campuses safe and secure

Security is one of the most important enablers for the way we live and do business in a globalized world. Digitalization impacts all industries and is a powerful catalyst and enabler of change. The global security landscape and their demands are changing, protection through advanced security management and services, means safeguarding the basis of sustained competitiveness and business continuity of our customers.

Services from Siemens take advantage of the digitalization of the construction industry. In this way, buildings that continuously interact, learn, and adapt to new requirements are created on a smart city campus.


Analyzing and utilizing what buildings can share

Every system and component within the buildings of a smart campus creates numerous data that can be collected, analyzed, and used to gain actionable insights. Building Twin, the application of digital twins of buildings to provide relevant data across the building lifecycle, and BIM, a collaborative process that is the core for the digitalization of the construction industry, help create safe, efficient buildings that continuously interact, learn, and adapt to new requirements.

A Campus Control Center from Siemens increases comfort, security, and well-being and enables precise decisions based on reliable data.

Campus control center

IoT solutions for city campuses

Today’s metropolitan cities consist of innumerable, interconnected systems, which need to operate at peak efficiency to enable the mobility and well-being of its inhabitants, energy, water and waste management, as well as emergency response – to name a few of them. Our Campus Control Center can help to tackle these challenges and make all our lives more secure every day.

Financing solutions from Siemens enable town and city councils to use intelligent technologies for their smart campus


Making investments easy

Campuses by their very nature have a difficult challenge of housing, catering and employing thousands of people at a time. Many are looking to smart technology to help them run more efficiently, reduce costs and better serve their inhabitants. Smart and flexible financing solutions are a key enabler to stay ahead of the curve.

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New White Paper: Driving the Energy Revolution

Grid edge technologies are an essential tool in the transformation of global energy – facilitating the adoption of renewables, turning consumers to prosumers, and mitigating climate change. Many factors influence which solutions are appropriate for a region, or how ready they are to deploy them at scale. This white paper defines a powerful index to assess the relative need and readiness for grid edge solutions, so that barriers and opportunities can be identified and so that the grid edge revolution can be accelerated.

Success stories

How smart campuses redefine city life

A smart city campus offers an exciting living, working, and business environment that opens up numerous new and future-oriented perspectives. Discover how smart city campuses point the way to the future of cities around the world!

We support cities in making the most of what they have

The combination of the physical and digital worlds is the key to making a city campus really smart. As a master system integrator, we’re there to help cities leverage their full potential in the planning, implementation, maintenance, and even financing of a smart campus.

Services for smart city campuses


Be it planning, construction, or operation: A Smart Campus requires the interaction of numerous trades in order to unfold its benefits to the full. 

With its long-standing experience and expertise in the fields of energy, building technology, digitalization, and even financing, Siemens is ideally positioned to support educational institutions throughout the entire lifecycle of a smart campus.

The Siemens experts are always at your disposal to help you enhance the performance of your buildings by delivering a completely integrated, bespoke end-to-end solution that consists of multiple components – in this way making it possible to develop and operate adequate mobility solutions, create the degree of flexibility that’s required to enable change and innovation, and meet even ambitious sustainability and green energy goals. They’ll even be at your side when it comes to understanding the complex investment decisions behind the various technologies and identify viable financing models.


Trendsetting city campuses around the world

Discover how smart city campuses are redefining the way people live, work, and do business – and pave the way to more sustainable, safe, and secure city life.

Discover more about smart campuses

Whether for educational institutions, for districts and cities, for industrial enterprises, or in mixed-use settings: Digital, agile, and flexible smart campuses improve the life and work of people. They support communities, businesses, and the environment in many different ways. Discover how we are harnessing technology and our expertise to create more caring environments in a huge range of applications.

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