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Electrifying commercial vehicles with Siemens CV
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Siemens Commercial Vehicles

Siemens Commercial Vehicles is a leading provider of innovative systems, solutions and products for all kinds of medium and heavy duty electric commercial vehicles.

We develop, engineer and produce high performance electric drive systems in the range from on-road vehicles like buses & trucks to construction vehicles and all the way up to off-road vehicles like mining haul trucks, shovels, draglines and underground mining applications.

We create sustainable value for our customers based on proven, reliable technology - know-how that has been complied in more than 100 years of Siemens traction experience.

Our dedicated customer services along the complete product life cycle is another vital part of our comprehensive portfolio.


Siemens has combined the development expertise, project management and engineering capabilities of its businesses Mobile Mining and Electric Commercial Vehicles under one roof to become Commercial Vehicles. Nevertheless, the branch-specific solutions along the well-founded know-how we care for our customers remain untouched.

What distinguishes us

Siemens first enabled electric transport of people 141 years ago with the invention of its electric motors driving a streetcar, at that time drawing its power directly from the rails instead being pulled by a pair of horses.

Today, electromobility has been elevated at the forefront of public interest. Its ability to preserve our planet provokes a change in how we think and understand mobility after years of predominantly combustion engine vehicles in all common areas. As part of the Siemens family, Siemens Commercial Vehicles continues to provide the most reliable electric drivetrains to its customers and to support the task of responsible and sustainable transport of people or goods.


Our passion about electric drive systems has brought up our well founded, unparalleled experience with over hundred successful vehicle projects. 

Here are some numbers to visualize the success of our longstanding business:

  • More than 14.000 ELFA systems were built in various commercial vehicles.
  • The accumulated distance, driven by vehicles with ELFA systems
    surpasses 2 billion km.
  • To get those incredible distances better to understand, we can convert it to
    13 astronomic units. One astronomic unit equals the distance between our planet and the sun!
  • More than 1200 dedicated mobile mining systems were put on duty in harsh and
    dusty environments.
  • The mining haul trucks driven by Siemens technology moved 37,2 billion tons of material until today.
  • That equals 454.000 times the weight of the giant passenger ship Queen Mary or 113.000 times the weight of the Empire State Building in New York. That's still hard to imagine, but less would be below our efficiency aspirations.

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