Power to move: Fast-charging technology from Siemens

Fast charging, emobility, CPC100

Electromobility will play an ever bigger role in the near future - in moving people, and in new business ideas. This development is backed by high power charging technologies from Siemens. With high power and voltage range they are perfectly fit to meet  fast-charging challenges in any of today's and future most important applications. 

Convincing solutions

High power charging for current and future ecars

With our holistic fast-charging offering, we follow a long-term strategy of making electromobility easy to deal with. Our portfolio has all it takes for short term success, too: Reliable 50 kW multichargers already with up to 850V powered by Siemens components for high availability and reliability to cover multiple application such as highway charging. Their proven technology with a clear roadmap for upgrades makes our charging systems future proof.

CPC 50 and CPC 150 are designed and manufactured by our certified Siemens Solution partner Kostad Steuerungsbau GmbH, an experienced provider of charging infrastructure.

Thanks to standardized, powerful Siemens components such as Sinamics DCP converters, Simatic S7 controllers, and industrial grade ECC3200 charge controllers, the charging systems ensure maximized availability and reliability.

Siemens software provides optimized connectivity to charging management backends with the highest data and IT security standards. CPC 50 and CPC150 support open interface OCPP to 3rd party backends, easily integrating to existing software environments.

Currently connected backends are: Allego, ChargeCloud, ChargeIT, eCar OC, Fortum Charge & Drive, HTB - Has To Be, NTT Data, Smartlab, Unicorn Systems a.s., Etrel, Greenflux, Virta. 

Five major applications

Versatile, highly available and reliable

Today, price, range, and charging time are the most important buying criteria for electric vehicles. For this reason, automobile manufacturers are launching long-distance battery-powered vehicles worldwide, which can recharge a range of 500 km in 10 to 15 minutes (Charging like refueling). In close cooperation with premium OEMs and charging infrastructure operators, Siemens puts the required high-performance charging infrastructure into daily practice.