Cascina Merlata UpTown: Digital solutions from Siemens are making the district sustainable, livable, and fit for the future.

Model project for smart urban communities

Cascina Merlata UpTown is one of the first smart districts in Italy. Digital energy technology working together with smart building management is increasing sustainability and improving the quality of life.
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Sustainable urban energy systems

Designing smart living spaces

Achieving sustainability, security of supply, and future viability requires a comprehensive approach. In the urban environment in particular, the key to greater energy efficiency, sustainable living, and sustainable mobility is smart technology that uses digital technologies to connect intelligent energy systems with smart buildings.

Designing a more sustainable urban life

Digitalization is opening up completely new opportunities for designing a more comfortable and climate-friendly life in the urban space.

It enables an extremely efficient use of electricity, heat, and air-conditioning and maximizes local power generation from renewable sources. At the same time, each individual building and each room is guaranteed a healthy, flexible climate that’s adapted to current needs. The result is a smart city district that’s optimally equipped to meet future challenges and offers each person the best possible living and working environment.

One of Europe’s most innovative real estate projects

We’ve developed the smart city concept into a “well-being city” concept in order to offer people a better quality of life.
Attilio Di Cunto, CEO EuroMilano S.p.A.

Cloud-based energy management

The core feature of the smart power infrastructure for Cascina Merlata UpTown is Siemens’ cloud-based software platform DEOP (Distributed Energy Optimization). This flexible and scalable platform controls the district’s entire microgrid. It interacts with the integrated Desigo CC building management platform for this purpose.

Digital intelligence supports sustainability

DEOP continuously analyzes the energy requirements of all air-conditioning, heating, and electrical installations in the apartments and common areas in all buildings. At the same time, the software records the power generation capacity of the photovoltaic plants on the building roofs and the district‘s central geothermal plant, and it controls the purchase of additional energy as needed.


Based on the values that were determined and fed back into the system by DEOP, Desigo CC supplies extremely efficient heating and air-conditioning to all rooms and optimizes electricity consumption in the buildings and at the existing charging station for electric vehicles.

Data create energy-awareness

All data and analytical results are available in real time. This enables location-independent remote control and maintenance of the entire energy system. Faults can be identified and located immediately, which minimizes costs and maintenance times.

A mobile app makes the energy data available to all UpTown residents, so that everyone can actively control their own energy consumption and, in this way, further boost the energy efficiency and sustainability of the entire district.

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A thoroughly impressive system

The solution implemented by Siemens is making Cascina Merlata UpTown a sustainable, convenient, and efficient smart city district that offers a high level of comfort and efficient maintenance.
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Discover the future of urban life!

Milan’s Cascina Merlata UpTown district with its smart energy management illustrates the benefits of a smart city district for all stakeholders. Digital technology helps to create sustainable urban environments that make people’s lives more livable in every respect.


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