Modernizing building maintenance through data-driven services

Maintaining buildings would be easy if it weren’t for fluctuating temperatures, unforeseen damage, unsteady energy requirements, and ever-changing user behavior. To keep things simple, the University Properties of Finland (SYK), the company that owns and maintains the buildings of Tampere University with its more than 11,000 students, has completely rethought its approach to building maintenance. From static to dynamic. From periodic to demand-based. From visual to data-driven.


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Reference: A data-driven maintenance model for Tampere University


Location: Tampere, Finland


Project focus: Asset performance services, smart buildings, building technologies

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University Properties of Finland (SYK)

Project benefits

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fewer user complaints

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of identified issues improve energy efficiency

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of visual inspections replaced by data analytics

We co-recreated a maintenance model from scratch – to deliver what’s needed to those who need it.
Ville Kautto | Maintenance Manager | University Properties of Finland (SYK)

Creating better conditions for all

Ville Kautto and his team from SYK knew that they needed to rethink their existing building maintenance model to satisfy students and employees, contractors, and SYK itself. Together with Siemens, they co-created a data-driven model that not only provides greater convenience for end users but has also made maintenance much easier through asset performance services.

Project insights

We try to be like pioneers in this business and in the way we do maintenance.
Ville Kautto | Maintenance Manager | SYK
We had a base to build on through Siemens technology, but after that, everything was new.
Joni Salo | Service Business Manager | Siemens Finland
Professional consulting

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