A wind of change through digitalization

Wind turbines in Denmark

Providing a consistent digitalization, precisely attuned components and comprehensive advice, we are the ideal partner for the wind energy industry. As a constructor of wind turbines, you will benefit from our support in the digitalization of your entire value-added chain, for increased engineering efficiency, reduced LCOE, quicker time-to-market, less complex commissioning, optimized processes, and improved service. Your database and in turn your "digital experience", is expanded with every system installed. Complete, digitally integrated business processes reduce your development costs and get you to market a lot quicker. Let us guide you through a typical life cycle for a wind turbine and enjoy the benefits of digitalization to predict your product and process.

Your first step toward digital transformation

Digital Enterprise@Wind – thinking Industry further!

Augmented flexibility, increased productivity, and enhanced transparency for individual wind turbines and/or the overall wind park – realistic opportunities which are already being provided by Siemens digital technologies today. This is precisely what the Digital Enterprise Portfolio, the "ceiling"/the sum of all available and emerging technologies and systems delivers. To ensure that your systems are at the state-of-the-art level of development at all times, even for the digital future.

How does a digital twin for the wind industry look like?

A digital twin for your wind turbine merges the virtual world with the real world in an integrated data model, from the design phase to actual production of the wind turbine. This affords you the advantage of designing, simulating, and verifying your wind turbine digitally, including aerodynamics, acoustics and energy management. Our software solutions NX CAD/CAE and Teamcenter (as a data backbone) provide perfect support in this regard. You then translate your virtual wind turbine into an effective real wind turbine which complies with all of the market requirements for wind parks.

The digital twin of the wind turbine

All processes associated with a wind turbine can be established as early as the prototype stage in a common data model: the digital twin allows you to digitally design and to test your wind energy plants before commencing series production. This saves valuable time and costs, while at the same time increasing the engineering quality. The digital twin of a wind turbine also allows a simulation of the critical phase prior to commissioning – as well as safe implementation. The servicing personnel can also undergo meticulous training in advance of actual commissioning.

The digital twin for operation

This digital twin assures immediate benefits for the wind park or plant operator. Continuous recording of operating and performance data and comprehensive analysis of this data will allow you to optimize the production and performance of your wind turbine in a sustainable manner.

The digital twin for service

Maintenance and servicing measures can be scheduled in advance. Not too early, in order to ensure maximum utilization of the maintenance interval, but at the same time not too late to avoid any unplanned downtimes. This reduces downtimes to a minimum. Changes to the wind power plant following a maintenance or due to replacement of a component are recorded directly in the system. Consequently, all documentation of the system condition is always up-to-date.

Benefits for development

Development of your wind turbine

The digital twin, thanks to the combination of physics-based simulations with data analyses in a completely virtual environment, permits new findings to be gained. Innovations can therefore be introduced more quickly and with more reliability. Additional data is generated when the wind turbine or the wind park becomes operational. The operating performance data is recorded, analyzed, and returned as feedback for incorporation in development. This is then used to support optimization of the production processes and optimization of the wind turbine.
Benefits of variant management

Maintain control of your diversification

Your wind turbines are designed specifically for individual projects. In order to maintain an efficient development and production despite the wide range of variants, we support you with proven tools and software solutions.

Program configurator for the main control

The range of wind turbine variants is increasing unabated – and in turn also the diversity of main control programs for the turbines. As an alternative to programs which incorporate all functions (maximum configuration) and regulate customization of the turbine by way of a configuration file, we provide the possibility of generating an individual program for each turbine. Our program configurator and TIA Portal Openness allow you to configure pre-programmed function blocks according to the respective turbine variant. The advantages in this regard are evident:


  • Shorter engineering times
  • Fewer error sources
  • Improved utilization of the controller resources

Version management with SIMATIC

The Import Export Assistant IEA allows you to continue using your existing tools, with the IEA providing an interface between TIA Portal and various external version control systems, including GIT, Subversion or Visual Studio.

Smart SCADA option for WinCC OA

Assess your plants with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and implement optimization based on your own findings – using the SmartSCADA and your statistical methods. Areas of application:


  • Root-cause analysis
  • Definition of KPIs, assignment of KPIs to devices with a simple click of the mouse
  • Derivation of contexts through respective relations, identifying time slots using filters, direct transfer to statistical calculations
  • Classification based on statistical models
  • Reuse of models, e.g. for new KPIs
Benefits for operation

Know more, simplify optimization

MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens to connect your wind turbine and allow you to utilize the wealth of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) with in-depth analyses.


Create more transparency in the inventory of your globally distributed wind turbines, or expand your business models and exercise the maximum business potential using your existing data. The open IoT MindSphere platform also supports you in the initialization of a continuous improvement process in all phases of the product life cycle of your wind turbines. This is achieved on the basis of feeding actual operating data back into the development process.

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