Wind power needs communication

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The more the digitalization of electricity grids progresses, the greater becomes the need for reliable and secure industrial communication. To generate electricity efficiently, the automation of wind turbines and wind farms is increasing. The foundation for this are future-proof communication solutions. As one of the pioneers of industrial communication, we offer outstanding solutions – both for the communication in wind turbines and for the networking of wind farms and energy suppliers.

Industrial Communication

It depends on the right connections

Industrial communication is the basis for automation and digitalization. Our network components from the SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM families ensure the reliable and highly available communication in wind turbines and the networking of wind farms.

Usable everywhere

Whether on the mainland, along the coast, or on the high seas – a lack of real-time status and performance information about automated wind turbines may have serious consequences. Robust SCALANCE products for industrial communication and rugged network products from RUGGEDCOM for smart grid applications help you integrate your wind turbines optimally into your communication networks and operate them with maximum reliability – wherever the wind blows.

Application examples

Communication in practice

Wind turbine and wind farm operators require a high-performance communication infrastructure to manage all system components continuously. But what about the communication network itself? Rely on our many years of experience and our leadership role in the development, planning, and implementation of future-proof communication networks – with the knowledge that they form an essential prerequisite for lastingly improving your competitiveness.

Turbine automation for higher electricity yield

End-to-end communication forms the basis for the automation of wind turbines. Through self-optimization, automated wind turbines achieve a greater electricity yield. Measurement data and information about the status of the turbine are transmitted to the control room. The communication concepts, for example, can be based on TIA and PROFINET, the open Industrial Ethernet standard for automation. They enable comprehensive diagnostic functions for a central evaluation of each individual device in the turbine. This allows errors to be detected and remedied early on. Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN) in the nacelle allows network access via mobile communications, e.g. by maintenance technicians moving freely inside and outside the installation with an operator panel.

Simplified commissioning of series-produced wind turbines

In the series production of wind turbines, each turbine ex works receives a basic configuration of the communication parameters. When used in a wind farm, this could lead to IP address conflicts in the farm network, if wind turbines from the same manufacturer are connected. In order to prevent this, the farm communication uses NAT (Network Address Translation). In doing so, each turbine still has the same IP address range, but additionally gets its own firewall and NAT configuration. As a result, it can be uniquely identified in the farm ring. However, the NAT functionality prevents a PROFINET communication between farm and turbine control systems. To enable a PROFINET communication in this case, a PN/PN coupler (PROFINET/PROFINET) is used between the farm and turbine network.

Secured remote access for remote maintenance – with SINEMA Remote Connect

SINEMA Remote Connect is a management platform for remote networks. It provides for an easy, secured remote access to remote wind turbines – e.g. for remote maintenance. The management platform manages secure VPN connections (IPsec / OpenVPN) between the service technicians and the wind turbines. The service technician and the wind turbine each establish a connection to a SINEMA Remote Connect server. There, the participants are identified by certificate exchange. Only then will the connection be enabled. SINEMA Remote Connect also offers user rights management. Thus, only authorized service technicians will be granted access to certain wind turbines.

Wireless communication at the construction stage of wind farms – with RUGGEDCOM WIN

If wind farms are built in remote locations or even offshore, the communication connection is often missing during construction and commissioning. The setup of a dedicated radio link with the RUGGEDCOM WIN product portfolio enables telephone and data connections even before the installation of a wired infrastructure. Under ideal conditions, this allows bridging of distances of up to 40 km, with WiMAX mobile private broadband wireless compatibility based on the IEEE 802.16e standard and WiMAX Forum Wave2 (MIMO) certification. Thanks to its particularly robust technology, the WiMAX system can also be used as a fallback solution after the commissioning in the event of a failure of the wired communication systems. Thanks to the transmission and reception diversity combined with high performance, even NLOS connections (No Line of Sight) are possible.

Future-proof network management – with SINEC NMS

SINEC NMS is our high-performance, scalable network management system (NMS) of the next generation. It grows with your needs and is prepared for the increasingly complex network structures in an increasingly digital world. With SINEC NMS you can monitor, manage, and configure the communication networks in wind turbines or wind farms with up to several tens of thousands  end devices – centrally, around the clock, and independent of network size. For the efficient management of large networks, SINEC NMS is divided into two levels: As central instance, the control level clearly and quickly shows the overall status of your network. In addition, the operations are managed here. These are distributed in the network and implement the configuration specifications from the control level on all devices. This makes it possible to keep identical wind turbines up to date with little effort.


A comprehensive portfolio with extensive certifications

SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM network components are proving themselves in countless industrial applications worldwide. Whether wirelessly, via mobile wireless communications, via radio link, or via fiber optics: Siemens has the right systems for your communication task – secure, reliable, robust, redundant, and tailor-made for your installations. It goes without saying that our devices and systems comply with applicable national and international standards such as IEEE 802.3 (Industrial Ethernet), IEEE 802.11n (IWLAN), or IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX).

TIA Selection Tool

Use the TIA Selection Tool to choose, configure and topologically connect industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless LAN components, Industrial Security Appliances and industrial routers. The integrated configurator with distance calculation for Industrial Wireless LAN for example helps you optimally assemble the components you need for your radio field.

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Our comprehensive portfolio of RUGGEDCOM comprises products specifically designed for use in harsh and demanding environments. We have the right solution for every application. Use our RUGGEDCOM Selector to assemble the right RUGGEDCOM products for your application – in a simple and user-friendly way.

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