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reThink: Process Automation

Only those who are willing to rethink the status quo can set new benchmarks in process automation. Taking a fresh look at what already exists can provide decisive impetus for progress in the process industries.
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Process automation knowledge platform

Future issues for the process industry

Here we offer you interesting news from the world of process automation. As your partner on the path to digitalization in the process industry, we provide new perspectives on how you can meet growing requirements for security, availability, scalability, and flexibility – and how you can take advantage of the digital transformation to become more efficient and competitive.
Future of process automation

New opportunities arise from new ways of thinking

In times when digitalization is rapidly spreading, those who cling to the status quo are losing out on tremendous potential for improving their own competitiveness. In this context, innovative process automation plays a central role: process control technology that forges new paths – and thus opens up new prospects.

reThink Digitalization

The trend toward more customized mass production is changing the way we produce. The time to market has to be made shorter in order to satisfy customer requirements. To be flexible and efficient, you need to rethink and optimize your processes and plant, while maintaining a high level of plant availability.

This is where the digital transformation plays a key role in ensuring your future success. It makes it possible to create a 1:1 digital image of the real plant. This “digital twin” represents plants in its current state at all times, since it integrates all data from engineering, simulation, and automation, completely and securely, throughout its entire lifecycle. All information about the plant is available in a consistent form at a single, central location for all users. How can this be achieved? The foundation is an open system architecture and an object-oriented data management.

reThink Usability

What do you expect from your process control system? Obviously, it must be user-friendly and easy to operate. It should offer active support with day-to-day work in both engineering and operations, and help make  decisions as fast and safe as possible.

When you have a vast amount of information, you need to filter out what’s really relevant. That way, you can quickly analyze production processes and diagnose your automation system from the perspectives of control, monitoring, and operation. Supported by an easy-to-operate graphical user interface (GUI) that’s suited perfectly for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices as well. A clear, integrated working environment that ensures efficient interaction with the system, and also the tools that supply additional data.

reThink Scalability

Flexible and scalable – now, and in the future. That means you get what you need from your control and safety system: whether you supply small, dedicated applications or you are responsible for a global enterprise of process plants with huge amounts of I/Os – the control system grows along with your needs.  Imagine it can be seamlessly upgraded and expanded during operation, with no compromise on safety or security. Even the integration of individual modules or package units is always guaranteed.

reThink System Access

What would it be like if all your experts had direct access to engineering projects and operational processes? Anywhere, any time? And just needing  a protected Internet connection? Without spending a fortune on installation? That would take productivity and flexibility to a new level, since all stakeholders would have the same level of knowledge at all times, and could act in real time, depending on their jobs and based on an agreed, secure system governing and managing all rights and roles. And of course supported by an innovative, future proof process control system.

reThink Collaboration

Global collaboration is one of the key challenges facing us today. Various teams, departments and suppliers all across the globe have to be aligned. Data from different sources and in different formats has to be easily exchanged and handled. Imagine a solution that enables a secure connection of all users and external suppliers, supplying up-to-date information at all times regardless of their location. A system with a single, consistent data platform to reliably manage information from all sources. The result is an enormous saving in cost and time because these processes run in both the engineering and operational systems.

Your partner for all aspects of the future of process automation

We believe that new ways of thinking are the result of open dialog. We invite you to participate and look forward to receiving your questions, ideas, and comments.

Pioneering process control system

Basis for the digital future in process automation – SIMATIC PCS 7 V9

SIMATIC PCS 7 V9 process control system opens up new perspectives in process automation and smoothes the way for plant-wide digitalization. Total support from PROFINET means this pioneering system solution not only bridges the communication gap down to the field level but also between now and the future. Learn more about this innovative hardware base and how you can already benefit from digitalization today.


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Discover the new opportunities that arise from new ways of thinking – and how you can intelligently master the increasing demands in the process industry.

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