CloudConnect – fast, simple, and secure

CloudConnect is the prerequisite for exploiting the benefits of digitalization. Siemens has the technology to connect all types of plant to the cloud.
Connectivity on the factory floor: CloudConnect from Siemens in detail

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CloudConnect opens up new opportunities

From sensors to the cloud – the professional way

Enjoy the benefits of digitalization in industry with cloud computing

Success through data

CloudConnect enables you to transfer valid data from the field level to the cloud. Combined with other information and its evaluation, CloudConnect opens up completely new possibilities: 

  • Better product quality thanks to a big-data analysis of all relevant parameters
  • Automatic process optimization thanks to the evaluation of movement data and the turnover rate of mobile assets
  • Preventive maintenance – the evaluation of key machine and robot metrics to increase availability

With CloudConnect, you benefit from groundbreaking IIoT applications, regardless of the type of plant that you operate.


CloudConnect uses the open Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol. This established standard allows data to be transferred to MindSphere, the IoT operating system from Siemens, and to all common cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle IoT, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Turn data into added value

Data is transmitted to the cloud where it can be analyzed in combination with information from other systems – from big data to artificial intelligence.

Cloud technology makes it possible to view plant and process statuses from any location.

Predictive analysis of the relevant data identifies the need for maintenance at an early stage so that it can be properly integrated into processes.

Coordination of all process steps ensures optimized load distribution.

Evaluation of all quality-related parameters helps identify new connections between values measured on the field level and achievable product quality.

A cloud-based analysis of capacity utilization ensures that all production resources are optimally used.

The basis for data analysis is the collection of information that is relevant and as complete as possible.

As the basis for process optimization, data is confidential and must be securely transmitted and stored.

CloudConnect is the key to exploiting the benefits of digitalization in industry.

CloudConnect: products at a glance

Products for the best possible connections

Learn about the products that are necessary for creating a fast, simple, and secure cloud connection for your plant – regardless of the type of plant or its location.
Our collection of technical articles on CloudConnect and related topics provides inspiration that is of practical value in any industry.

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Product overview

How to transfer your data to the cloud – simply, quickly, and securely

Regardless of the type of plant or which installed base you want to use to transfer data from the field level to the cloud, Siemens has the right products for you.
Additional success factors

Technologies for the industrial network of the future

Siemens offers you further innovative systems, strategies, and services for future-proof communications.
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Cybersecurity for Industry

Security information

In order to protect plants, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions only form one element of such a concept. For more information about industrial security, please visit.

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