Digital Connectivity with 5G – Where’s the journey heading?

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Digital Connectivity with 5G – Where’s the journey heading?

The first episode of the ReThink! Impulses for Industries series focuses on industrial 5G.

With the dramatically increasing amount of digital data, the demand for communication and digital networking in industries has grown enormously as well. It's only a matter of time until the 5G is established in the industry. But will the new mobile phone standard be the ultimate key technology for the industrial communication of the future? Is 5G ready for the industry? Is the industry ready for 5G? What are the use cases for 5G? What are the must-requirements for an Industrial 5G? And: What could be the potential for companies, if they set-up their private 5G campus network?

This panel discussion with speakers from Fraunhofer Institute, BASF and Siemens answers all these questions.


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ReThink! Impulses for industries is a series of panel discussions in which we give fresh impulses for businesses and industries today and in the future. In each episode, Eckard Eberle, CEO Process Automation at Siemens, discusses with guest speakers from the industry fundamental questions around the current most interesting or pressing topics within the industries.