SCALANCE X-300 rackmount Ethernet switch

SCALANCE X-300 rackmount switch

For high flexibility and space-saving assembly

Expand your production networks and reliably exchange data from machines and plants in your host systems. With our compact SCALANCE X-300 19" rackmount-compatible switches, you benefit from leading functionality and flexibility.

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The foundation for secure networks : TÜV certification demonstrates the security of network components

Siemens has received TÜV certification in compliance with IEC 62443-4-2 and -4-1 for network components in the Scalance XB-200, XC-200, XP-200, XF-200BA and XR-300WG product families. Customers are therefore able to realize secure system architectures, which clearly increases the overall security of a plant.


The certification demonstrates that the product development process previously certified has been consequently applied during product development of above-mentioned SCALANCE X-product lines. It also confirms that key technical product requirements have been taken into account and implemented in the network components.

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Product family

SCALANCE X-300 rackmount switch in detail

Benefit from the variety of our SCALANCE X-300 switch series. From rackmount switches, to Ethernet switches, to switches for extremely harsh industrial environments: With SCALANCE X-300 you will find the right switch for multiple applications.
Port characteristics (max.)
electrical / optical
32x RJ45
24x RJ45 /
4x SFP
20x RJ45 /
4x SC, ST or SFP
24x RJ45 /
24x SC, ST or SFP
Temperature range
-40 °C to +60 °C
0 °C to +60 °C
 -40 °C to +60 °C
 -40 °C to +70 °C
Design / Protection class
Plastic/metal housing / IP20
Metal housing / IP30
Metal housing / IP30
Metal housing / IP20
Transmission rate
10/100/1000 Mbit/s
10/100/1.000 Mbit/s
10/100/1.000 Mbit/s
10/100/1.000 Mbit/s
Software coverage
managed Layer 2
managed Layer 2
managed Layer 2
managed Layer 2
Redundancy protocols
Special features
Compact SIMATIC S7-1500 design, network analysis via Encapsulated Remote Traffic Mirroring (ERTM), function extender interface for simple and wireless connection to SCALANCE LPE
19" rack, minimal mounting depth, PoE variant

Variants with 2x media modules, 

PoE and EEC variants

19" rack, up to 12x media modules,
PoE and EEC variants
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Compact variants for Layer 2 networking of plants

With the SCALANCE XC-/XCM-300 product line, compact Industrial Ethernet Switches are available for the set-up of electrical and optical line, ring and star structures in the network. Thanks to its compact SIMATIC S7-1500 design, the SCALANCE XCM332 managed switch, e.g., is perfect for installations in the control cabinet. With transmission rates of up to 1 Gbps and a high port amount, SCALANCE XCM332 meets the high requirements for network availability.

Typical uses

The SCALANCE XC-/XCM-300 Industrial Ethernet Switches can be used in the aggregation or control level of the network and enable high-performance plant networks. Wherever high transmission rates are required, the SCALANCE XC/XCM-300 Layer 2 Switches connect plant components and also distributed devices in the field. A special advantage is the function extender interface of the Switches for connection to the local processing engine – called SCALANCE LPE

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Cost-optimized rackmount switch with small mounting depth

The cost-optimized managed SCALANCE XR 300WG (work group) 19" rackmount switches have a small mounting depth, which means two switches can be installed on both sides to save space in the control cabinet.

Typical uses

SCALANCE XR-300WG rackmount ethernet switches are ideally suited for a wide variety of industry-related applications and provide high availability in the network thanks to features like redundancy mechanisms (MRP) and virtual LANs (VLAN). They feature up to 28 Gigabit ports and combo ports and can also bridge long distances due to their fiber-optic interfaces (SFP).

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Compact variants with high performance for plant structuring

The SCALANCE X-300 managed Industrial Ethernet switches are highly suited for configuring line, star, and ring topologies (10/100/1000 Mbps) in plants. Compact variants are available with up to 20 electrical or three optical ports (ST/BFOC, SC) or semi-modular variants with up to eight electrical or optical ports (configurable via media modules) for distances up to 26 km. The switches offer various redundancy mechanisms like the media redundancy protocol (MRP) and can be replaced in the event of a fault with no special skills thanks to the C-PLUG removable storage media.

Typical uses

SCALANCE X-300 Ethernet switches let you design networks in both the field and control areas, wherever high network availability, extensive diagnostic options, and high transmission speeds are required. The switches are designed for use in control cabinets and meet the requirements of protection class IP30.

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Rugged and flexible rackmount switch

SCALANCE XR-300 managed Industrial Ethernet switches are fully or semi-modular rackmount switches designed for installation in a 19" control cabinet. Up to 12 media modules can be freely plugged in, which enables flexible network construction or expansion. The rackmount switches link the distributed field devices at both the field and control level and ensure high plant availability with far-reaching diagnostic options and high transmission rates.

Typical uses

The SCALANCE XR-300EEC (enhanced environmental conditions) product variants also feature high noise immunity and can be used in an extended temperature range (40° to +80° Celsius): for example, in energy automation applications to fulfill the requirements of IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613.

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FastConnect – a cabling system gets the hang

Structured cabling is the basis of an industrial bus system or network and must fulfill much higher requirements than cabling in the office area. Stringent demands are placed on the installation of cables in the industrial environment. For the SCALANCE X-300 switches in rackmount and compact design, Siemens offers FastConnect, a system that fulfills all these requirements: On-site assembly – quick, easy and error-free.

PLUGs for network components

Swap devices easily with no need for special knowledge: The C-PLUG, KEY-PLUG, and SCALANCE CLP removable storage media save the configuration data from your SCALANCE devices. Remove PLUG, install replacement device, insert PLUG – and the new device is ready to go! The KEY-PLUGs include all the functions of the C-PLUG and also enable specific functions like the iFeatures in SCALANCE X-300 rackmount switches and compact variants.

Plug-in transceivers

Plug-in transceivers allow you to flexibly equip network components of the SCALANCE family with a corresponding SFP slot for optical connections. 

Media modules for SCALANCE X-300 rackmount switches

The MM992-2VD media module (variable distance), which is plugged into a modular SCALANCE X-300 rackmount switch, can use any type of two-wire cable for Ethernet connections up to 1,000 m. This includes, for example, land lines, and lines through fireproof bulkheads or along pipelines, which can be very difficult to replace. With the media module MM992-2VD you can also connect PROFINET routes up to 500 m in length with eight-wire copper cables.

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