SCALANCE X-400 managed layer 2 switch

SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 switch with Port Extender

Flexibility for your network

Large number of ports, high transmission rates, support for fiber-optic and copper cables and Power over Ethernet transmission: The SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 switch offers more – and provides a solution to the growing demands on your communications network.

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Product family

SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 switch and Port Extender in detail

Operational from -40° to +70° with data transfer rates in the Gigabit range: With our SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 network switch you benefit from full performance when building your industrial networks. Thanks to the optional layer 3 switching function, the network can be built specifically for relevant particular application. With the corresponding port extenders, you can expand the number of ports of the basic devices up to 24 ports.
Port Extender (with XM-400)

Port characteristics (max.)

electrical / optical

24x RJ45 / 24x SFPs
8x RJ45 / 8x SFPs
Temperature range
 -40 °C to +70 °C
 -40 °C to +70 °C
Design / Protection class
Metal housing / IP20
Metal housing / IP20
Transmission rate
10/100/1.000 Mbit/s
10/100/1.000 Mbit/s
Software coverage
managed Layer 2/3
Redundancy protocols
RSTP+, MRP, MRP-Interconnect
Special features
Extendable with Port extenders
PoE variants
PA-Ready functionalities (S2-Device, CiR / HCiR und HSync)
PoE variants
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The layer 2 switch as the foundation for powerful networks

SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 switches let you design networks in the control level and ensure maximum availability. Thanks to the scalability of the basic unit and the optional layer 3 switching function, the network can be built specifically for relevant particular application or extended at any time. Its comboports permit electrical or optical networking, even during operation (hot swappable). Managed layer 2 switches in the SCALANCE X-400 family are closely based on the design of the SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers, from the lettering on the controls to the structure of the rail mounting.

Port Extender

Thanks to their modular architecture, SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 network switches allow for tool-free expansion with port extenders. The following port extenders are available to extend the basic devices to a maximum of 24 ports: 

  • Port extender PE408: eight additional RJ45 ports
  • Port extender PE400-8SFP: eight additional SFP slots
  • Port Extender PE408PoE: eight additional RJ45 ports with PoE according to IEEE 802.3at Type 2 (suitable SCALANCE power supplies available separately)

Typical uses

The SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 switch comes with high performance up to 1 Gigabit and small space requirement – while also compact for rail-mounting. Even large production networks can be easily and clearly structured thanks to the integrated VLAN functionality (virtual segmentation).

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FastConnect – a cabling system gets the hang

Structured cabling is the basis of an industrial bus system or network and must fulfill much higher requirements than cabling in the office area. Stringent demands are placed on the installation of cables in the industrial environment. For the SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 switch and also in general Siemens offers FastConnect, a system that fulfills all these requirements: On-site assembly – quick, easy and error-free.

PLUGs for network components

Swap devices easily with no need for special knowledge: The C-PLUG, KEY-PLUG, and SCALANCE CLP removable storage media save the configuration data from your SCALANCE devices. Remove PLUG, install replacement device, insert PLUG – and the new device is ready to go! The KEY-PLUGs include all the functions of the C-PLUG and also enable specific functions like layer 3 in the SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 switches.

Plug-in transceivers

Plug-in transceivers allow you to flexibly equip network components like managed layer 2 switches with a corresponding SFP slot for optical connections.  Appropriate plug-in transceivers with a range of connections (SC, ST/BFOC and LC available) ensure maximum flexibility in your automation network.

Power supply for SCALANCE X-400 layer 2 switches

The SCALANCE PS924 PoE and PS9230 PoE power supplies have an output voltage of 54 V DC, which is needed in particular for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) in accordance with the IEEE 802.3at standard. This reduces cabling costs, because the supply voltage is also transmitted via the data line.

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