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Certified specialist knowledge for implementing and optimizing industrial communication networking

Trainings and certifications for industrial networking

Planning and implementing industrial communication networks and connecting them to an enterprise network demands a great deal of ability and accessible specialist knowledge. The same applies when a network needs to be secured, diagnosed or optimized. That’s why we’ve developed a training program and subsequent certification that is aligned with international Industrial Ethernet standards. Each certificate documents tested network skills as part of the overall Siemens industrial networking training program.

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Modular course offering

Competently plan and protect networks

In our Industrial Networks Education courses, you will learn to plan, implement and connect wired and wireless data networks to a corporate network. In addition, you will be trained to secure, diagnose and optimize communication networks. The course offering includes specific content for beginners, professionals and experts. Just click through the graphic and find the right course.

Basic knowledge about industrial networks

In this module we provide you as a beginner with the fundamental know how of industrial networks. You will get a comprehensive overview of the basic information. 

This learning module covers the basics of Ethernet-based networks without industrial specifications. Universal techniques based on industry examples are always used to facilitate understanding. The web-based training (WBT) provides an introduction to industrial networks technology. The Industrial Ethernet Fundamentals classroom training takes you through the seven layers of the OSI reference model with a focus on the network layers 1-3 – this is the basic knowledge you need to take part in our professional and expert certification courses.


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Course overview

This web-based training course (WBT) will familiarize you with the principles of creating industrial networks and the main transmission media, devices, architectures and specialist terminology. We will also explain the structure of standard Ethernet networks using typical examples drawn from industry.

Additionally, the course Ethernet Fundamentals in Industrial Networks will give you a broad overview in network technology and mechanisms which is the foundation of today’s digital communication. Ever heard of the OSI reference model, for example? This course takes you on a tour through all seven layers.

Basic qualification for network professionals

With the Professional level training offering, you will get profound knowledge of planning, implementing and securing plain industrial networks. You will also receive training on how to integrate these into corporate networks. These training courses are aligned with international standards and ensures open and flexible architectures.

The training is carried out separately according to our product lines SCALANCE for use in industrial environments, and RUGGEDCOM for extreme environmental conditions. In the fields of wired, wireless networks, security and network management, you receive a basic qualification that enables you to plan, implement, operate and secure industrial networks. We principally recommend qualification in wired networks before taking the courses on security, network management and Wireless LAN or WiMAX. In general, all courses can be booked individually, as each can be completed with a separate certification of Siemens Certified Professional for Industrial Networks (Siemens CPIN).

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Course overview

Switching and Routing in Industrial Networks with SCALANCE or RUGGEDCOM

This training course is designed for everyone who has to deal with switched solutions in an industrial environment – from decision-makers to administrators. The training course part on Switching teaches you how to set up so-called switched networks as well as redundancy mechanisms for high reliability – and includes many practical exercises. The training course part on Routing deals with the fundamentals of routing communication and includes practical exercises – along with troubleshooting and diagnosis. The course takes five days.

Industrial Wireless Communication with WLAN and WiMAX

In the training course "Wireless LAN in Industrial Networks" or "WiMAX in Industrial Networks" you will learn about the special requirements of this technology in industrial environments. The elementary components of this course are performance and security in IWLAN or WiMAX. Like all our other training courses, this also involves intensive, hands-on work. This course takes 2.5 respectively 3 days.

Security in Industrial Networks with SCALANCE or RUGGEDCOM

The potential risks facing industrial networks are varied and widely known. This training course shows you how to effectively prevent the consequences of attacks on networks. You will learn protection concepts and how to apply them in specific, practical exercises, and in the end you will be able to correctly assess threats and put countermeasures. This course takes 2.5 respectively 3 days.

Network Monitoring and Configuration SINEC NMS with SCALANCE or RUGGEDCOM

This course shows you how to monitor, diagnose, document and configure your network from a central location with SINEC NMS Network Management System. You will get basics and knowledge to plan, implement, and maintain your network monitoring and management solution. The course lasts three days.

Special knowledge for network experts

With the courses of this qualification level, you will specifically deepen your knowledge. Building on the content of the Professional level certificate for planning, implementation and operation of industrial networks, you will achieve knowledge and skills to become an expert in a selected field of expertise.

At the Expert level training, you complete your knowledge of planning and implementation as well as the secure operation of industrial wired, wireless and remote networks. By passing an exam, you will prove your knowledge and receive a certificate as a Siemens Certified Expert for Industrial Networks (Siemens CEIN).


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Course overview

This training course provides comprehensive information on diagnostics and optimization of industrial networks. With the help of practical exercises, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with available tools and also learn which functions you can use to ensure the required performance, availability and security of a network. The course lasts three days.

Here you will acquire practical knowledge and methods for planning and implementing as well as operation and maintenance of highly available industrial Layer 2 networks. You will strengthen knowledge about routing protocols and concepts.

In this training course, you will learn how to correctly asses wireless signals. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with available tools as well as learn which parameters can be adjusted to ensure the required network performance. Practical exercises and corresponding checklists round out this training course. The course lasts two days.

This multidisciplinary course provides instruction regarding the planning and implementation of networks for remote communication. In addition, you will learn how to install and commission SINEMA Remote Connect solutions – and how to practically apply the possibilities and various functions they offer. The course lasts three days.

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Further information on the training and certification program

With the training and certification programs, Siemens offers a unique qualification in the areas of wired and wireless networks, security, and network management. Almost all trainings are completed with an exam. After passing the exam, you'll receive a corresponding certificate that proves your expertise in the selected area. The certificate is valid for three years. After that, you should refresh your knowledge and have your skills re-certified.

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Cybersecurity for Industry

Security information

In order to protect plants, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions only form one element of such a concept. For more information about industrial security, please visit.

Comprehensive approach

Industrial Networks Solutions

Your partner for the entire industrial networking in the digital enterprise

With industrial network solutions, we help our customers to lay an optimal foundation for digitalization through the interaction between OT and IT and accompany them as they navigate the digital transformation. Optimally interconnecting automation and office networks requires in-depth knowledge of both OT and IT. That’s why the specific offering of industrial network solutions follows a comprehensive approach.

Professional Services support you in the development of networks as part of our industrial networking solutions

Professional Services

Our experts support you throughout the three steps of planning, developing, and optimizing industrial networks.

Siemens components for industrial communication

Network components

Our comprehensive offering of hardware and software components for industrial communication meets every requirement.


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You need the right level of expertise to design and implement powerful industrial communication networks and connect them to a corporate network? That’s exactly what we offer in our training programs. Our experts will be pleased to help you select the right training courses to meet your needs