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Expert support, from planning to implementation of your industrial networking solution

Expert support for future-proof communication networks

First-class network components alone are not enough to create a first-class industrial communication network. A thorough understanding of network structures is at least as important. You get both when you work with us and our qualified and experienced partners, and it definitely pays off. We give you professional help for the development of your industrial network solution and the interaction between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) that is precisely tailored to meet your specific requirements in all industries.

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From design to implementation

How can you ensure that a communication network will meet all current and future industry requirements? And how do you get the most out of the potential offered by state-of-the-art networks?


The best way is to work with a reliable, skilled partner that’s every bit at home in industrial automation as in designing and implementing communication networks. In other words: with Siemens.

On-Site Service and Support

Implementing a network solution for industry requires some preliminary work. It starts with an on-site visit to thoroughly review and document the existing network, determine weak points in performance and specify needs. We perform this evaluation review with you. That saves both time and costs, and ensures the project will be smoothly implemented.

Design and Consulting

Whether for a new or an existing network, an expansion project or an upgrade, we perform a thorough performance analysis of your network and infrastructure as part of our Network Design Services and Radio Frequency (RF) Planning and Site Survey Services. We then work with you to determine which levers will work best to meet the required needs.

Integration and Deployment

Our Pre-Configuration and Testing Services minimize the risk of malfunctions and outages in your communication network. Our Implementation Services also let you benefit from rapid commissioning and certainty during the construction stage, all of which will ensure the smooth operation of your plant and network. 

Training Services

Once the project has been implemented, the plant employees will require prompt training to make sure your new network runs perfectly and is efficiently maintained. The complex nature of the latest enterprise-wide communication networks makes it important to understand the system as a whole. We share this knowledge with you as part of our standard training sessions, which analyze the interconnection between automation systems and IT systems from the ground up. Our range of training sessions also includes certification and customized courses.

Industrial Networks Health Check

Check-up for the communication network

Health and fitness are crucial to performance – not only of the human body but also of your industrial networking. Do you know how fit your communication network is? Our specialists will provide you with the answer.

How fit is your communication network?


Demands for the high performance of wired and wireless networks are growing tremendously. To be absolutely certain that your network can perform the way it’s supposed to perform, let our experts give it a check-up.


You’ll receive reliable and explicit documentation on your network’s current status and we’ll help you analyze the results and derive recommendations for action. Together, we’ll make your industrial networking fit for the future! 

Let us perform a health check on your wired or wireless network.

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References and sample applications

Examples of groundbreaking network solutions

Industrial communication networks can open up tremendous opportunities, but only if they are planned and implemented by proven experts.
Comprehensive approach

Industrial Network Solutions

Your partner for the entire industrial networking in the Digital Enterprise

With industrial network solutions, we help our customers to lay an optimal foundation for digitalization through the interaction between OT and IT and accompany them as they navigate the digital transformation. Optimally interconnecting automation and office networks requires in-depth knowledge of both OT and IT. That’s why the specific offering of industrial network solutions follows a comprehensive approach.

Qualify and certify your employees with Industrial Networks Education

Industrial Networks Education

You can take advantage of special training courses that qualify and certify your employees for the ongoing support and expansion of your networks.

Siemens components for industrial communication

Network components

Our comprehensive offering of hardware and software components for industrial communication meets every requirement.

Teaser Cybersecurity for Industry
Cybersecurity for Industry

Security information

In order to protect plants, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions only form one element of such a concept. For more information about industrial security, please visit.


Support for optimizing your industrial networking

Fully leverage your industrial communication networks with qualified support from Siemens experts or our certified solution partners.