SINEMA Remote Connect: Management platform for remote networks

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Easy remote access for teleservice and remote maintenance

SINEMA Remote Connect lets you access remote plants or machines conveniently and securely, even if they’re integrated into other networks.

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SINEMA Remote Connect – Overview

Easy, convenient, and secure

SINEMA Remote Connect – the management platform for remote networks – is a server application that enables the simple management of tunnel connections (VPN) between headquarters, service technicians, and installed machines or plants.

Establishing the connection for secured remote access is very easy. The service technician and the machine to be serviced establish separate connections to a SINEMA Remote Connect server, where the identity of the participants is determined by exchanging certificates. Only then is remote access to the machine granted. All licenses and the software of the connected clients are managed centrally. A REST-API enables the automation of regularly performed tasks and facilitates the management of large installations.


The connection to SINEMA Remote Connect can be established via wireless communication, DSL, or existing private network structures. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of SCALANCE industrial routers for connecting to remote networks.

Easy configuration of remote access with VPN

SINEMA Remote Connect: Setting up the server

The SINEMA Remote Connect Server is the basis for remote access to remote machines and plants via VPN. Here you will learn how to configure and commission the server in a virtual machine in just a few steps. 

SINEMA Remote Connect: Setting up the clients

Setting up SINEMA Remote Connect clients is very easy. Here you will see how to do it. At the beginning, it is useful to set up a smart group concept. It coordinates the communication relationships and access rights of all participants and will facilitate your work. Afterwards, you will learn how users and end devices are created to realize remote access via VPN.

Application example

With SINEMA Remote Connect, machines from serial production can easily be connected via remote access – even if they have identical IP addresses. SINEMA Remote Connect offers NAT functionality for this purpose. Users can conveniently connect any machine via an address book function. Dedicated Device Access allows only authorized users to access selected machines.

SCALANCE M industrial routers

The SCALANCE M portfolio includes mobile wireless routers as well as routers for wired communication. The routers have been proven in a variety of applications that require industrial remote access, such as telecontrol, teleservice, and much more.

Security components for networks

SCALANCE S Industrial Security Appliances support our Defense in Depth industrial security concept. They safeguard automation networks and connect seamlessly to the security structures in office and IT environments.


The KEY-PLUG is used for the automatic backup of configuration or configuration data. It also activates the connection to SINEMA Remote Connect on the SCALANCE routers.

Benefits at a glance

Easy remote access for teleservice or remote maintenance

That's why SINEMA Remote Connect is the first choice when it comes to remote access to distributed plants or machines.

Remote access for teleservice or remote maintenance in practice

Companies around the world rely on SINEMA Remote Connect for easy remote access for teleservice or remote maintenance. Here are a few success stories.

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