Telecontrol solutions for the control center

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With our high-performance telecontrol systems, you can efficiently monitor and control plants from the control center. In this way, you’re making an important contribution to meeting the constantly growing requirements for plant availability and cost-efficiency in industry. 

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TeleControl Basic

Cost-effective monitoring and control of remote plants

TeleControl Basic is designed for simple control and monitoring tasks, for transmitting process data, or for remote diagnostics and maintenance. The system enables you to implement simple applications and large projects with up to 5,000 stations.

Telecontrol with SIMATIC WinCC

Optimal overview of decentralized process areas

With our software expansions, you can connect widely distributed process plants to a WinCC control center via telecontrol protocols. This enables you to efficiently handle challenging monitoring and control tasks from the control center – with maximum data security.

SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl

Fast and flexible data communication for complex applications in the process industry

With SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl, you can easily integrate remote, distributed stations into the PCS 7 control system. In terms of operating philosophy and alarm characteristics, the operator is not aware of any difference between central and remote automation.

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Control center for solutions at a glance

Reduced to the essentials

Whether it’s the control of process plants, the optimized operation of public facilities for water/wastewater treatment, energy distribution, or traffic monitoring, with the TeleControl Basic system you can implement simple applications and large projects with up to 5,000 stations. The TeleControl Basic system uses TeleControl Server Basic in the control center as an OPC server. The software connects the HMI system (such as WinCC, PCS 7, or WinCC OA) to the Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). The system supports modular RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-1200 and ET 200SP as well as the compact SIMATIC RTU3000C RTUs.


TeleControl Basic is ideal for applications with a low degree of automation, such as for transmitting process data or for remote diagnostics and maintenance.


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Using TeleControl Basic

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TeleControl Basic – cost-effective and flexible

Use TeleControl Basic to cost-effectively monitor and control remote plants and to connect stations via mobile wireless.

The benefits of TeleControl Basic at a glance

With our SIMATIC WinCC TeleControl and SINAUT ST7cc software expansions, you can connect widely distributed process plants to a WinCC control center via the SINAUT ST7, DNP3, and IEC 60870-5-101/104 telecontrol protocols. The SIMATIC WinCC TeleControl engineering system is based on DBA (Data Base Automation) technology and features a comprehensive function block library that also allows third-party RTUs to be connected.


The SINAUT ST7cc program package – which you can order directly from the Siemens Industry Mall – transmits process data to the WinCC archives in accordance with the timestamp provided by the RTUs. The software is also able to connect logging systems typical in the industry. The SINAUT ST7cc configuration tool uses the same communication modules as the lower-level telecontrol system. The resulting consistent, end-to-end object communication – from the sensors in the process to the screen content and databases of the control system – saves time and money.

Perfectly integrated telecontrol technology

With SIMATIC PCS 7, widely distributed process plants are under your control. Instead of combining central plant sections and outstations in a higher-level network control system, SIMATIC PCS 7 offers an integrated solution.

With PCS 7 TeleControl, you can connect modular RTUs based on SIMATIC controllers as well as compact RTUs to the SIMATIC PCS 7 control system. SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl unites all areas in one control room – including common operator guidance, simple and convenient data management, and integrated engineering. You operate, monitor, and configure all RTUs and plants from a central control room.


The system allows the configuration of flexible network topologies: star, linear bus, and node topologies or any combination of these. In addition, redundant transmission paths can be implemented, meaning that an RTU can be connected to the control center via two networks.


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