With Wi-Fi 6 for industry and the SCALANCE W portfolio, you can take advantage of the benefits of the new IEEE 802.11ax WLAN standard

Wi-Fi 6 for industry

Benefit from the innovations of the new IEEE 802.11ax WLAN standard
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Wi-Fi 6 at a glance

The next-generation WLAN infrastructure

Wi-Fi 6 offers many benefits, and these are further supplemented by additional functions thanks to Siemens’ iFeatures. They include higher data rates, more efficient data transmission, and future viability in industrial communication. With the right SCALANCE W Access Points and Client Modules working together optimally, you can get started immediately.

The goal of the IEEE 802.11ax WLAN standard for industrial wireless LAN communication is to increase data throughput per device. This makes it possible to handle the growing number of mobile devices connected via WLAN and increase efficiency in environments with large numbers of participants. Additional device-specific improvements like Digital I/O in combination with Sleep Mode, for example, improve the efficiency of battery-powered applications like automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile end devices.


Thanks to the higher performance of WLAN communication, new applications are enabled, such as augmented reality for assisted work, including remotely, as well as remote-controlled cranes, autonomous intralogistics, and much more.

Overview of Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 in industry

IEEE 802.11ax is a WLAN standard marketed as Wi-Fi 6 by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Siemens has combined and supplemented the benefits of this standard with industry-specific requirements, so that you can already take advantage of the new standard for your industrial applications.

New type of WLAN data transmission

The greatest benefit of IEEE 802.11ax is OFDMA (orthogonal frequency-division multiple access), a completely new type of data transmission for WLAN that is already being used in mobile wireless communication technology. Until now, only one participant could communicate at a time.


OFDMA divides the communication channel into up to nine subchannels that can be distributed among different participants. This allows more users to be served within a shorter time period, smaller data packets to be more efficiently transmitted, and a better quality-of-service mechanism to be implemented.

iFeature for redundancy via WLAN

Redundancy via WLAN is an extremely important requirement that is met by Siemens’ additional industrial function iPRP.


iPRP is relevant for applications that require an especially robust and fail-safe data connection. In this case, an interruption of the transmission path must not result in the connection being broken or switched to a safe state. It must instead continue to function, because a failure in data communication would cause risks or outages.

Wi-Fi 6 portfolio

Components for the WLAN standard of the future

Discover suitable devices for wireless data transmission with future-proof Wi‑Fi 6 technology.

SCALANCE W Access Points and Client Modules for Wi-Fi 6

SCALANCE W Access Points and Client Modules are available that use the new Wi-Fi 6 WLAN standard for industrial communication. They permit the optimal implementation of numerous challenging applications with a very large number of clients as well as increased data rates per client.


Siemens also supplements Wi-Fi 6 technology with iFeatures for highly available, redundant applications (in the future, high-performance real-time capability will also be included). For you, this means investment protection. The SCALANCE family guarantees the future-proof implementation of flexible wireless applications according to the latest IEEE 802.11ax standard (Wi-Fi 6).

Operating mode
Access Point/Client Module
Access Point
Client Module
Supported frequencies
2,4 and 5 GHz
2,4 and 5 GHz
2,4 and 5 GHz
Temperature range
-30°C to +60 °C
-30°C to +75 °C
-30°C to +60 °C
Protection class
IEEE 802.11ax (gross 1,201 Mbit/s)
IEEE 802.11ax (gross 1,201 Mbit/s)
IEEE 802.11ax (gross 1,201 Mbit/s)
Special features
Conformal Coating
The SCALANCE W family offers IWLAN components for every application

IWLAN components to meet every requirement

Discover the IWLAN products in the SCALANCE W family that have been supplemented with special additional functions in order to meet the specific demands of WLAN in industry.

Use cases

Discover typical areas of application for Wi-Fi 6

The technological innovations of Wi-Fi 6 help you to implement challenging applications. Discover inspiring examples!

Sleep Mode for automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

How can you optimize the energy consumption of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)?


With the aid of Wi-Fi 6, you can deactivate mobile participants that are not in use – for example, over the weekend. This allows you to avoid having to recharge the battery when operation is resumed. This is made possible by the digital output on the SCALANCE WUM766-1 WLAN Client Module, which makes it possible to switch off all the automation components on the mobile participant remotely. SCALANCE WUM766-1 Sleep Mode reduces energy consumption in sleep mode to almost 0 watts.

Redundant transmission of a train’s trip and control data

Redundancy is especially important when a train’s driving and control data is transmitted to an operation control center. It’s made possible by the SCALANCE WAM766-1 EEC Access Point, which has railway approval, and by the iPRP iFeature with packet duplication based on PRP.


Two virtually separated networks are set up based on a single physical infrastructure with a ring redundancy option in order to enable uninterruptible communication through synchronized roaming. This solution can be used both on board trains and along the tracks. It reduces hardware expenditure because only one physical infrastructure has to be installed, and still enables redundant data transmission.

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