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Know the behavior of your network already in advance – with a real

1 -cable solution
  • and integration into the digital workflow.

The Siemens Network Planner

Plan – simulate – test: SINETPLAN

The Siemens Network Planner supports you as a planner of automation systems based on PROFINET and facilitates the professional and proactive planning of a system and this already during virtual commissioning. Benefit from the efficient planning and layout of PROFINET networks, especially if so-called “non-real-time communication” such as TCP/IP data is used in addition to real-time (RT) or IRT communication.

Know the network load in advance – confidently commission the network

In the automation environment, the topics of digitization and simulation are becoming more and more important.  The advantages are obvious: a virtual system can be put into operation before it is implemented in reality. This applies to a virtual product as well as to the digital twin of automation processes. 


Since in this context the networking and thus the amount of data increases significantly, it is of decisive importance to map the communication virtually instead of having to make cost-intensive structural changes in the real plant afterwards.


SINETPLAN calculates and simulates the network load in a PROFINET network and shows critical points where the network load is too high. In addition, it simulates the network load of real-time data (real-time communication between I/O controllers and I/O devices) as well as of non-real-time communication caused, for example, by standard Ethernet nodes.


By integrating SINETPLAN V2.0 into the digital planning and engineering workflow, project planning data of a planned automation system can be transferred using the "AutomationML" (Automation Markup Language) data exchange format and exported again after simulation and possible adaptation.


You get transparency and a virtual overview of the network load of the planned network prior to installation and commissioning. If the Siemens Network Planner shows critical network sections, you can easily redesign and restart the simulation. Furthermore, SINETPLAN offers the possibility to document the simulation in order to make the acceptance of the plant even more transparent.


In this way, you can optimize the planned network, maximize utilization of network resources, or plan reserves. Last but not least, potential problems are already visible and can be remedied – whereas subsequent rework during commissioning or even productive operation would result in significantly higher costs. With SINETPLAN, you increase production availability and operational security right from the start. Furthermore, SINETPLAN offers the possibility to document the simulation in order to make the acceptance of the plant even more transparent.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Tool-supported network design and simulation right from the planning phase
  • Optimization of utilization of available network resources
  • Higher production availability through avoidance of downtimes due to planning errors
  • Ensuring of operational reliability through the use of traffic shapers
  • Cost optimization: “real one-cable solution”
  • Transparency regarding the network load for both I/O data and NRT traffic down to the port level 
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