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Better bandwidth, better communications

Ideally suited for providing data communication to and from remote locations, this mobile wireless router offers 4G LTE connectivity and automatic fallback to 3G UMTS or EVDO cellular networks.

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Rugged communications for harsh environments

Designed for and put to the test under the harshest environments, RUGGEDCOM products meet and exceed recognized industry standards for performance in mission-critical applications.

Many applications, one wireless router

Thanks to high bandwidths and superior performance capabilities, this wireless router offers a diverse range of applications, i.e. the integration of remote substations and feeder devices to rail and traffic applications, as well as remote video surveillance.

Superior performance for better communications  

Connect up to four Ethernet devices with the RUGGEDCOM RM1224 router’s integrated 4-port switch. Two antenna connections (antenna diversity) means operators can use multiple receive and transmit paths, increasing both signal quality and bandwidth.

Equipped with digital IO for applications, the RUGGEDCOM RM1224 also comes with its own redundant power supply for bridging short-term failures.

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True to their name, RUGGEDCOM solutions are built tough – delivering error-free communications under high levels of electromagnetic interference in extreme temperatures and over long distances. See how RUGGEDCOM solutions have been put to the test. Discover special features, examples of international standards compliance, and more.

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Rugged communications equipment for harsh environments

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