Next Generation Cybersecurity for OT

Protect the Possibilities by Applying Defense in Depth and Security by Design

View the joint webinar from Siemens and Fortinet

Cyber criminals are maximizing their opportunity across an expanding digital attack surface. Attacks on Operational Technology (OT) have drastically increased over the past year. Unsecured remote access or legacy infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that are inherently unsecured by design are some of the key issues asset owners need to face. At the same time, industrial organizations are pursuing digital transformation initiatives to modernize their operational environments. Whether legacy or modern, industrial asset owners and systems integrators recognize the need to enhance the security of their OT systems.

In this session, find out how applying a Defense in Depth approach can help ICS environments address security. Also, discover the possibilities for designing security that can fully support your legacy and modern OT systems, while ensuring regulatory compliance without introducing complexity into the process.


Speaker: Antoine d’Haussy & Jeff Foley 

Moderator: Jamie Blakeley


Duration: 60 min


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Speaker: Antoine d’Haussy & Jeff Foley - Moderator: Jamie Blakeley - Event Duration: 60 min