SINEC INS: Central services for network infrastructure

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The software that provides industrial network services

SINEC INS (Infrastructure Network Services) is the software tool for central network services, which are often required in the Operational Technology (OT) field. It’s easy and straightforward to use. SINEC INS ensures that you’ll make efficient use of frequently required services like RADIUS and Syslog servers in your network.

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Easy and secure

SINEC INS makes it much easier to use general network services – and it offers a high degree of security. The uniform user interface gives you a rapid overview of all network services that are important for OT. Another benefit is the way all the services work together smoothly.

SINEC INS functions  

SINEC INS gives you access to all the services for industrial networks you need – from IP address management, time management, and domain name resolution to IP addresses, from securely collecting and forwarding network events to securely deploying firmware upgrade and configuration files for network components. The tool also provides user authorization and device authentication with role-based user management and connectivity to an existing UMC server for easy handling of user profiles. It therefore enables you to establish autonomous networks that are separate from IT services and to host them in an OT data center.

Use case

As a tool for general network services, SINEC INS is available at a higher level in a data center or centralized control center. Along with the control level of the SINEC NMS Network Management System, SINEC INS is housed in the industrial backbone, where it’s responsible for higher-level tasks in the network. The next lower field level is where the distributed SINEC NMS Operations and SINEC PNI – which work directly with the network components – operate to ensure policy-based configuration or to help commission network components. 


The Network Management System for digital enterprise: Using SINEC NMS, you can centrally monitor, manage, and configure industrial networks with up to tens of thousands of devices around the clock. 


SINEC PNI makes it quick and easy to commission SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM network components in your industrial network. Conveniently configure the basic settings to integrate devices into the network and ensure that all new network devices operate seamlessly in the network.

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