SINEC NMS for industrial networks

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The Network Management System for digital enterprise

SINEC NMS is the Network Management System (NMS) scalable for network structures of various sizes, in an increasingly digital world. This system can be used to centrally monitor, manage, and configure industrial networks with tens of thousands of devices around the clock, including security-related areas. SINEC NMS is therefore the first choice for network structures of various sizes, and it’s paving the way for the digital transformation of industry – in all sectors and regardless of network size. Thanks to its scalability, SINEC NMS grows in parallel as the network becomes larger and more complex.

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Powerful and future-proof

Make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalization and the path to Industrie 4.0 – and rely on efficient network management with a structured approach.

Manage industrial networks efficiently with SINEC NMS

SINEC NMS is divided into two levels to efficiently manage large-scale networks. As the central entity, the control level quickly displays a clear view of the network’s overall status. Operations are also managed here. The operation levels, in turn, are distributed throughout the network and implement the configuration settings from the control level on all devices. With the scalable network management system SINEC NMS, you can centrally and efficiently manage, for example, several IWLAN or SIMATIC Ident components in parallel.

Use cases

It’s easy to integrate components like SCALANCE, RUGGEDCOM and SIMATIC Ident devices into an existing Operational Technology (OT) network. Network components can also be configured and maintained on an ongoing basis. The configuration is policy-based so that it can be applied generically to many different components. When configuring large-scale networks in particular, this means major time savings. SINEC NMS supports the five cornerstones defined in the FCAPS model as per ISO. Watch our videos to discover the added value offered by SINEC NMS functionalities.

More than FCAPS

SINEC NMS goes beyond FCAPS and offers two essential system elements that specifically address the industrial network’s requirements and are completing the functionalities of our NMS.

Northbound Interface: This interface enables network and diagnostic data to be forwarded to different systems and applications, e.g. HMI and SCADA systems, via OPC UA.

System Administration: SINEC NMS is divided into a central control level and several distributed operational levels. This scalability feature allows it to grow along with the network as it becomes larger and more complex.

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The software that provides industrial network services. With SINEC INS, you can use a standardized user interface to manage general network services that are often needed in OT networks.


SINEC PNI makes it quick and easy to commission SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM network components in your industrial network. Conveniently configure the basic settings to integrate devices into the network and ensure that all new network devices operate seamlessly in the network.

Benefits at a glance

Efficient network management. With a structured approach.

Discover the benefits of SINEC NMS.
Further security features

New highlights about Security Management

SINEC NMS is designed with security in mind and enables system compliance with the IEC 62443 standard
  • System Backup & Restore: The new version allows backup and restore of the entire SINEC NMS system. By automatically generating regular system backups that can be restored, for example, in case of emergency, system reliability is enhanced and SINEC NMS becomes an important building block of a backup strategy.
  • Enhanced Certificate Management: This feature brings an essential security benefit for automation systems, because it enables a unified certificate chain for customers. The SINEC NMS Network Management System can also be integrated into existing certificate infrastructures, operated by customers. Due to a seamless integration into their infrastructure, it perfectly fits into the individual security requirements. 
  • Central, policy-based firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) management: For the convenient and efficient configuration of firewall components from a central point. The creation of the firewall policies and NATs takes place via a graphic description of the permitted communication relationship in the network. The system automatically generates the device-specific policies. NAT management is an advantage especially for series machines with identical IP addresses.
  • Local documentation function via audit trails: Audit log entries make user activities traceable by automatically documenting them with a time stamp.
  • Central forwarding of information via Syslog: Via the Syslog interface in SINEC NMS, information can be passed on to a central location (e.g. a SIEM system) for analysis or other purposes. In addition to audit log entries on user activities, system events or network alarms are also forwarded to external systems via Syslog. 
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