Soft starting in hazardous areas

For motors used in mining, mills and other dusty environments, or when pumping gasoline, kerosene and gases, a certified motor overload protection must reduce the risk of explosion to a minimum.

SIRIUS 3RW50 and SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starters with ATEX/IECEx certification: problem-free use in hazardous areas

Thanks to the ATEX/IECEx certification, SIRIUS 3RW50 and SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starters can also be used for motors in hazardous atmospheres, for example to pump kerosene or gasoline at airports or gas stations.

SIRIUS soft starters

Soft starters from the SIRIUS portfolio  are the best solution for soft starting and stopping of motors.

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Certified motor overload protection already integrated

The integrated motor protection function of the SIRIUS 3RW50 and SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starters monitors the motor and switches it off quickly in the event of a fault. An additional overload relay or monitoring relay is not required.

The ATEX and IECex certification also permits this function when flammable dusts or gases in the atmosphere add an explosion risk that endangers equipment and people.