Short downtimes in the woodworking industry

Stop woodworking machines quickly with SIRIUS soft starters. During debarking or sawing, sluggish systems must be able to start up and shut down without loss of time.

Integratedbraking functions of the SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter shorten the run-down time

Increase productivity in wood processing


Soft starters are ideal for starting heavy, sluggish saw blades in industrial sawing plants, as they avoid current and torque peaks and thus protect both electrical and mechanical components. The 3RW55 soft starters also have integrated braking functions that reduce the speed in a controlled manner. This means that the saw blade motor can be stopped quickly without extra resistance if, for example, a tree trunk gets wedged. The soft starter handles DC braking or reversing braking independently.  


With a braking time comparable to the starting time, the time until the system is released can be significantly reduced - especially with large centrifugal masses.


SIRIUS soft starters

Soft starters from the SIRIUS portfolio  are the best solution for soft starting and stopping of motors.

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How do I increase the operating time of woodworking machines with the SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter?

SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starters have three integrated braking functions for which only a few or no additional components are required. With all variants, the integrated encoderless standstill detection switches off the braking process in good time and prevents the machine from starting in the opposite direction.

Integrated braking function
Dynamic DC braking
DC braking
Reversing braking
Required components
SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter 

SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter 

1 or 2 external braking contactors SIRIUS 3RT (depending on the rated motor power)

SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter

SIRIUS 3RA reversing contactor assembly

Particularly suitable for
Applications with small centrifugal masses
Applications with large centrifugal masses
Applications with large centrifugal masses

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