Fresh baked goods

Bakery 4.0

What do rolls, pretzels and croissants have to do with modern switching technology? Far more than you think!

The bakery trade meets modern technology

Morning for morning, millions of people look forward to freshly baked goods like rolls, pretzels and croissants. To ensure that these turn out perfectly day after day and are always ready on time, many craft bakeries, commercial bakeries and pastry shops rely on the latest automation systems in addition to professional skills. One specialist in the field of such control technology and switch cabinets is Borntraeger GmbH in Sulzbach, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. With its specialized automation concepts, the company enables bakeries to manage their raw ingredients from their storage to their portioning, weighing, sifting, mixing and kneading. In addition to offering customized planning, construction and programming, Borntraeger also has a solution for managing recipes.


The systems include blowers feeding flour directly from the silo to the mixer, mixers with mechanical dischargers, sifting machines, and kneading machines. All of these system components are powered by electric motors. Powerful motor starters are necessary to ensure durable and reliable operation. Reliable safety systems are also required to protect bakers from the operating machines. Borntraeger believes automation technology from the Siemens SIRIUS family is the ideal solution for meeting all these requirements

SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches

The electronic ID key-operated switches from the SIRIUS ACT range of commanding and signaling devices has proven its high flexibility compared to conventional solutions.

SIRIUS ACT products in the Industry Mall

Catalog and ordering system for Automation and Drives.

“With Siemens we’ve found the ideal partner for our automation systems. The switching and safety devices from the SIRIUS family are compact, economical, low-maintenance, and easy to configure. Another big advantage is their modularity, which speeds planning and project execution.” 

Julien Schierle, automation technician at Borntraeger

Safe and reliable

For Bornträger’s customers, like the Plank bakery in Mühlhausen in the Upper Palatinate, the reliability and safety of their systems is a top priority. The SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starter from Siemens provides reliable, long-term protection against overloads and short-circuits. Thanks to its hybrid switching technology, it is also highly energy-efficient and compact. With an overall width of only 30 millimeters, it replaces the otherwise required combination of motor protection unit and two or even three contactors – a 70-percent reduction of space in the control cabinet.


For safety-relevant applications, the motor starter can be optionally combined with a SIMATIC safety controller or the SIRIUS 3SK safety relay. This combination ensures that the motor can’t be started when the lid of the sifting machine, agitator bin, or blending container is open. There’s no possible risk, for example, when a baker opens a machine to clean it. The system thus fully complies with the safety regulations of the European Machinery Directive and all relevant industry standards.

“A craft baker who wants to survive in today’s highly competitive market really needs brains and must be open to new ideas. At the same time, we believe it is especially important to make all baked goods ourselves from start to finish using original ingredients. Automation and switching technology from Borntraeger and Siemens enables us to concentrate fully on the art of baking, thanks to state-of-the-art technology.” 

Hermann Plank, Manager of Bäckerei Konditorei Café Plank