mountain of potatoes

Conveyor technology for high demands

Sustainable and reliable solutions are needed to ensure 24/7 operation in the Food & Beverage industry.  

In Hagenow, north Germany, the Emsland Food GmbH company has expanded its production capacities and installed the largest potato purée rollers in the world. In order to meet the high conveyor system requirements for the acceptance and interim storage of the potatoes, the automation experts at the Dr. Günther Schaltanlagen GmbH switchgear manufacturer in Hartha, eastern Germany, opted for Siemens.

The use of 224 SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starters in compact hybrid switching technology now contributes to the efficient operation of the kilometer-long transport system. This makes life easier not only for the manufacturer, but also for the control cabinet builder.



  • Minimum installation effort due to simple wiring
  • Low space requirement due to compact 30 mm width  
  • Protection device and conventional reversing contactor combination in one device thanks to hybrid switching technology
  • Reliable protection against overload and short circuit
  • Simplified engineering through integration into the TIA Portal

SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starter

With a width of just 30 mm you get a compact, powerful motor starter – with five setting ranges up to 5.5 kW.

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Low installation effort, minimal space requirement 

The advantages of the ET 200SP motor starter are obvious. Thanks to hybrid switching technology, only one device needs to be installed, not two. In addition to saving time during wiring, the space requirement is thus significantly reduced: The entire drive technology of the system fits in four control cabinets – with a conventional solution, twice as many would be required for a system of this size. 


Experience has also shown that the main contacts of the contactors are often already worn after 1 million operating cycles, making replacement necessary. The ET 200SP motor starter, on the other hand, has an impressive service life of 30 million switching cycles. Should a motor starter nevertheless need replacing at some stage, hot swapping is possible thanks to the permanent wiring. 

“With the modern system design selected, wiring takes just one-fourth of the time.”  
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Mielke, owner/operator of Dr. Günther Schaltanlagen GmbH in Hartha, Germany 

Precise diagnoses enable preventive maintenance

Where programming and diagnostics is concerned, Dr. Günther Schaltanlagen GmbH has long relied on the TIA Portal from Siemens, which greatly simplifies engineering. “It used to be that if a contactor failed, troubleshooting was extremely time-consuming,” says Mielke. “Now the controller pinpoints the fault and we can display a precise text message on the monitor for maintenance staff via programming.” The motor starter determines whether the failure is due, for example, to a blocked motor, an imbalance, or a phase failure. 


Simatic ET 200SP motor starters also continuously monitor the flow of current. If irregularities are detected, it’s an indication that a motor is no longer running smoothly. This information makes it possible to schedule service activities early on, including anything from cleaning plant sections and lubricating rollers to performing a complete motor replacement. 

„Modern Simatic ET 200SP motor starters provide the end user with a powerful, highly available, and compact feeder.“ 
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Mielke, owner/operator of Dr. Günther Schaltanlagen GmbH in Hartha, Germany.